This is a story about a blind Pit Bull was was dumped in the woods and ached to be saved but no one showed up. She almost gave up until one rescuer, from Lucky Dog Refuge, was able to lure her out of the dense woods with food. When she got up, they saw every bone in her body. It was totally soul-crushing. She had given up as she slowly starved. By the time a rescue group found her, she was curled up in a ball trying to stay warm, waiting for her angels to come.

Image Credit Source: The Dodo – Facebook Video

They decided to name her Halo. They decided on this name since the decided that, if she was in too much pain, they would need to humanely and sadly put her down.

Image Credit Source: The Dodo – Facebook Video

Before Halo came to live with Stacey, she lived in a medical foster home. With her health touch and go, no one gave up on Halo. The vet confirmed that she was completely blind, but she still wanted to be around humans.

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