As our local community of dog owners continues to grow, it is important that they have the support of a network of dedicated professionals committed to all aspects of wellness and health for their dogs. Among the vital aspects of this, Education and Training of our dogs is becoming a higher and more prioritized goal.

Recognizing this need in our community, a group of certified dog trainers have come together to represent a collective network of applied knowledge and science-based methodology to help the families of dog owners in the area. It is the goal through this group of professionals that support is both provided to dog owners as well as to the individual professionals themselves. This has created a strong referral network that represents decades of collected experience and education.

Collectively they call themselves “The Hendersonville Dog Trainers Alliance.” Originally started by dog trainers who specifically serve the Hendersonville, North Carolina area, the group of educated professionals has now grown to encompass other trainers who service the region as well. Members include:Karen Comstock MA, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, James Lyon, CPDT-KA, Jennifer King, CPDT-KA, Laurie Buckley, CPDT-KA, Nan Long, CPDT-KA, Crystal Tysz, CPDT-KA, Sue Kocher, CPDT-KA pending Summer 2022, Comora Tolliver, KPA-CTP.

From their mission statement: “Through a rigorous process of education, experience and independent testing, dog trainers can become certified for their knowledge and skills. Certified means qualified…”Please use care in selecting a dog trainer for your pet. Dog training is an unregulated and unlicensed field allowing anyone to declare themselves a dog trainer. Look for verifiable credentials backed by current education and high standards that do not rely on intimidation or tools that use pain to ‘teach.’”

While the trainers all come from various backgrounds, their commitment to certified professionalism and a knowledge-based approach is also a commitment to those seeking dog training services, that they deserve a higher bar of professionalism when it comes to working with a knowledgeable dog trainer. This sense of responsibility is at the heart of how such a diverse and unique group of trainers have come together.

Nationally there is a growing awareness of just how unregulated the dog training industry is. Quite literally your local hairstylist goes through more oversight cutting your hair than a dog trainer will in their work! This creates dangerous and unpredictable scenarios for dogs that jeopardize both their well-being and the trust of the community. Every journey begins with a single step as the saying goes, and the steps being taken by this professional alliance shine a light on a journey forward that will benefit all dog owners and lovers in our beautiful mountain community!

You can find out more information at their website, , You can also contact the trainers individually through the website as well should you wish to learn more about their individual styles and approach.

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