A few photos from today. The Minion herd is back together.  My neighbour and I brought them over in two trips and they were all very pleased to see each other, which was lovely.

After lunch, I found the ponies in a huddle eating their heads off.  They all came running up to me to say “thank you, thank you” so I sat down on a rock and gave them hugs.

I love seeing them here, at home.  It is where they’re meant to be but circumstances dictated it was not to be, until now.

This lot suddenly went cantering off when Waffle realised there might be others around.

The rest followed, just slower.

Even slower.

Anywho, the Minions told Haakon and Iacs what they thought of them so they were duly ignored.

Waffle: “Oi, you, come over ‘ere!”

Haakon: “Iacs, what do you think of these little people?”
Iacs: “They’re very small!”

So the little ones cantered off again.

I worry that Albie might find this field triggering as he spent his orphan days here and I can see him thinking about it.

But I gave him a big hug and now he is thinking his happy thoughts.

Vitamin is trying to be pleased that her herd are back together, though she secretly loved just living with Newt and Tiddles.  No pressure.

I have FIvla on a promise that she will stop being a mardy cow and start being nice again.

We’ll see how they go. This is just a brief holiday.

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