Well, I think I can safely say all the ducklings for this year are here now.  All are Mr Duckie’s bebbies.  Well done that drake.

Of course, the duck families all want to live separate lives so I am encouraging integration like mad.

This is Mrs Black Ducky and her son (possibly a Cuthbert – he is a bit of a drip), who is also being stalked by Penthesilea’s Mum (PM) – I had to throw out her eggs as they turned green and stank.  PM is now rejoining the social duck whirl and is in love with her nephew (ew, but it is what it is).

Cuthbert and PM. ❤  Complicated.

Group #2 is this lot.   Mum…..

…. and her three sons (depressed, muchly) so I named them Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

But they are very sweet …

…. and ridiculously stupid and tame.

And, lastly but not leastly, I have the original duckling family who are huge now.  Two girls and one boy – and I can’t think of any “famous” names for them.  Thoughts, please.

They are a happy little family.  And in good news, they all sleep under one roof (except for HD&L) which makes my life much easier.  I am hoping.

And as for Penthisilea, she continues to sit and I know there are no ducklings there.  The eggs will turn green and I will take them away soon.

So we have in total:-

Mr Ducky
His five original girls
Plus……. 3 boys + 1 boy +1 boy = 5 more boys
and 2 girls.

Which is in reality 6 boys and 7 girls.  Hey ho.  Writing it all down helps.

I am just hoping everyone will get on with each other though I have a sneaking suspicion the boys together could all be a problem.  We will see.

Monster doesn’t care.  Not even slightly.

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