Again, apologies for nothing yesterday but I will make up for it today.

Yesterday was spent at Tate Britain, Millbank looking at our cousins with our cousin.

We had arranged to meet our cousin in the foyer first. She had travelled especially to do this.

The Tate is big so we wandered about through the different galleries soaking up the atmosphere and the art and then we found “our” painting.

It is obviously a very popular picture and possibly the must-see of their collection.

We asked a total stranger to take our photo standing in front to show all of us cousins together. The two little girls are our first cousins three times removed, I think.  They are our Great Great Aunt Kate’s (of the Diaries) first cousins.  Their mothers were sisters.

It was nice to see they had an armed guard taking care of our cousins.

But I was slightly concerned by their neighbours, for obvious reasons. Young men all “bare nekkid”. I expect the girls avert their gaze in good Victorian fashion.

And we wandered around, going from room to room, admiring the incredible artists, some of whom were contemporaries of Aunt Kate, which made it even more fascinating. I even managed to dredge up some Greek, or was it Roman, God mythology for my cousin, which hopefully suitably impressed her.

Of course I had to take a photo of this painting but I found it worrying as the cliff was far too alluring.  Lambie would’ve been down that in a shot to go and get stuck.

Finally, the gift shop and we found you could buy our cousins in many forms including a spectacle case, fridge magnet, bar of chocolate and a tea towel!

It was a memorable day out and I’m glad we’ve all seen Polly and Dorothy (or Poz and Doz as they were always known) together as a family.

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