I went into town today to meet up with another cousin for lunch in Chinatown.  As I used to live in London for 15 years (1981 – 1996), I mostly know my way around.  More people, yes, but the buildings have remained the same.

Chinatown was very colourful and vibrant. It got busier over the day.


We looked at all the restaurants, which have taken to having their menus with pictures outside, and chose an old favourite, the Wong Kei. I used to go there a lot when I was nursing a few streets away.  Nothing much had changed. They were suitably rude, the food was adequate and they asked us to pay and leave!  My cousin thought it was all hilarious, including their attitude.  I was rather hoping they had got better over the years. Obviously not.

After a lunch, feeling rather full, I showed her around a Chinese supermarket which is a superb Aladdin’s cave of food and drink.

Onward, ever onward to Liberty, possibly my most favourite shop in the world. It is elegant and perfect.

And full of “lovely things”. I was drooling at their silk scarves, perfume and material. We had a splendid wander about just soaking up the whole experience.

My life in London could not more different from my life in Shetland.  I enjoy both worlds very much but tomorrow I will attempt to come home, battling through Storm Babette. Wish me luck!

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