It was a pretty tortuous journey home yesterday. I started my journey at Paddington catching the Heathrow Express and that was the only easy part.

Saying goodbye to London was sad. I had had a lovely holiday with my family and friends.  Really special.

All day, I was checking the flight from Edinburgh to Shetland which I reckoned would be the one to be cancelled.  I also had a spare set of keys for my sister’s house in London in case I didn’t even leave Heathrow. Be prepared was my mot du jour.

Heathrow was fun. I was body searched by two stroppy mares in uniform, while I argued for my belongings that had gone through the scanner to be put into a safe area.

The flight took off on time and landed bumpily at Edinburgh but I had reached my “half-way” point.  On the plus side, I sat next to a very nice lady who kept saying to me, when I told her my worried tale of travel woe “Visualise the Win and it will happen”.  So I tried my hardest but then the fun started.

The Shetland flight was delayed a bit – fair enough, I thought. The weather was vile.

As the afternoon progressed, flights were being cancelled and our’s was delayed a bit more and more and more….. so I made plans to stay in Floss’ flat (she was home looking after the animals) in Edinburgh.  Add a migraine too and I was feeling very dodgy.  Anyway, our flight was called we eventually took off around 19.30, I think.

This morning, has been lovely and quiet – the wind has dropped right down.

Lambie pretended he didn’t know me.

And Monster has made himself a new bed on OH’s soft guitar case.  He’ll be pleased when he finds it.  I am saying nothing.

So, that’s me. I visualised the win.

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