Chilli went from being a confused and scared dog to a cherished family member who brings joy and comfort to his new parents. Chilli, a Greyhound who was bred for racing but didn’t quite make the cut, found a loving home with Kaylee and her family.


When Kaylee first met Chilli, he didn’t look much like a dog. He appeared more like a strange creature. He didn’t wag his tail or show any signs of happiness. He didn’t even know his name. Chilli had never been inside a home before, so he didn’t understand windows or doors. He wouldn’t sleep in his own bed, but he quickly trusted his new family and began sleeping on the floor next to their bed to be closer to them.

Despite his confusion, Chilli looked to his new family for reassurance, and little by little, he began to warm up to them. He started to learn that they weren’t going to leave him. Chilli’s unique appearance, which Kaylee described as a “bicycle seat stuck on a horse,” garnered mixed reactions from people. Some thought he was an ugly dog, while others found him adorable.


Chilli’s health has been a challenge. He has epilepsy, which requires medication every 12 hours to manage the condition. Coincidentally, Kaylee also has a health issue – a dysfunctional nervous system – which means that both she and Chilli need to take it easy and rest often. They keep each other company and provide comfort to one another.

Chilli has become a loyal companion, waiting by the front window for his family to come home. When Kaylee had to go to the emergency department one night, Chilli stayed in his chair all night, not moving once, waiting for her return. He is a very relaxed dog, with only occasional bursts of energy and excitement.


Although Chilli was bred for racing, he only lasted a few days on the track before being retired. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise, as it led him to his loving forever home with Kaylee and her family. Despite his health struggles, Chilli has proven to be incredibly resilient, bouncing back stronger than expected each time.

Kaylee often tells Chilli how lucky they are to have him in their lives, and it’s clear that this once-rejected Greyhound has found his true purpose as a beloved family member.

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