While picking up her son from the bus stop, Jessica noticed a tiny pink blob on the ground. She had no idea where the little creature came from, but she assumed he had fallen from a limb of a nearby tree. The tiny pink globular thing was virtually unidentifiable. At first, Jessica didn’t realize what he was. However, despite this fact, she brought him home with her.

Jessica’s husband was hesitant at first, but we can totally relate to Jessica as an animal lover. She wanted to do everything she could to keep the little guy alive. She cradled his tiny pink form in her hand and attempted her best to keep him warm. When she Googled images on the internet, she sent her spouse out for food and syringes. The tiny baby looked like a squirrel to me.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – TheDodo


It was critical to keep him alive his first night. The newborn squirrel required feeding around the clock and continual warmth lights. Jessica did whatever she had to do. On the next day, Steve got his name, which meant “little fighter.”


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – TheDodo


Steve accompanied her everywhere, as he had before. She needed to bring him along since he was hungry. He went to work with her, did errands with her, and even visited friends’ houses. Within a few weeks, Steve began to look like a squirrel.

His personality began to show. He was a spirited, fun little guy who adored to run, chew, and tussle about. Jessica made certain he had everything he needed, but like all youngsters, Steve got into mischief now and again. He had a particular affinity for chewing on books.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video – TheDodo


We are so happy that they were able to rescue this little cutie or as no know, Mr. Steve. You will absolutely love the rest of this story in the video below.


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