Every morning, without fail, I drag three buckets over to Clothie, the five acre field, where the Minions, Fivla and Vitamin are currently living.

They know I’m coming. They wait by the gate, playing with their bowls, bickering gently between themselves.

I put the six rubber bowls out properly (ie not stacked close to each other) and put a dollop of food in each bowl, while distributing a proper bucket each to Fivla and Vitamin.

Vitamin has her’s by the gate as she mugs me when I arrive, which is a good sign. I like to think that she is feeling much, much better and happily alive.  This is her purpose.

There is sharing, which is nice …..

And then there is arguing.

I think Waffle won that round.

Except for Newt, because no one in their right mind would share with Newt.

He would probably eat them.

My job is to stand by Fivla while she eats as slowly as she possibly can, savouring every mouthful.

Albie knows Fivla is a potential soft touch, so he gulps down his breakfast and then comes over to try and get Fivla’s.

Full marks for trying, Albie.

From both sides too.  Of course, I didn’t let him.  Fivla deserves her own bucket at her own speed (though I will admit to putting less in so I won’t have to stand there guarding her all morning).

Every morning I do this and every morning its always the same – saying no to Albie.

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