The long-suffering “backyard dogs” PETA’s fieldworkers help are often deprived of many things—companionship, veterinary care, exercise, and respect, to name a few. It’s often difficult to persuade their owners that these individuals have complex needs. But the one thing everyone should know is an absolute necessity—a nonstarter, nonnegotiable, no questions—is at least one square meal every day. But for countless dogs like Karate, dinner doesn’t always arrive.

This small and spunky Shiba Inu mix was tethered outdoors 24/7, and his PETA friends frequently found him shivering in the cold rain or hopping around frantically, desperate for the slightest bit of attention and often something—anything—to eat. On a recent visit to the property, PETA fieldworkers saw that he was ravenous and extremely thin. They had a heart-to-heart with his owners, who agreed to give him up for a chance at adoption by a guardian who would care for him properly.

Now that Karate is recovering in a foster home—and doesn’t have to worry about when his next meal will materialize—he’s ready to make his next moves. And since his career as an action movie hero hasn’t taken off (dogs don’t belong in Hollywood, anyway!), this karate kid is looking for a new family to impress with his martial arts skills.

So far, he’s mastered bowing—play bowing, that is. He also has a black belt, which he might have nicked from his foster dad’s closet and turned into a chew toy. (You bet nobody saw him do it! His moves are that fast.)

When he’s not breaking boards with his bare paws, Karate enjoys going for long, meditative walks and helping decorate for the holidays—even if that pumpkin would be the perfect target for a roundhouse kick.

Karate is happy living with other dogs, and he even does well with cats. He’s also a bit of a jokester who keeps his foster dad laughing with his comedic timing. What’s a vegan’s favorite martial art? Carrot-ay! (Don’t blame us—he wrote that one. Dog jokes, am I right?)

Karate is about 5 years old. Malnourishment left him weighing about 16 pounds, and although he’s now eating well enough to make that next weight class, he’ll remain a compact karateka. (We didn’t have the heart to tell him the sport wouldn’t be at the 2024 Olympics. A pup has his dreams.)

Looking for a companion to help you finish that vegan ramen—and maybe the latest season of Cobra Kai (after a good-natured sparring session, of course)? E-mail to learn more about this dojo dog!

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