When you shop at the iHeartDogs store, part of that profit goes to Greater Good Charities, an organization that helps lots of animals in need. Through Greater Good Charities’ GOODS Program, healthy meals and other essential supplies are donated to shelters and rescues. These donations help save the lives of dogs like Parker.

Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan (RPSM) found Parker alone as a stray. Since he likely had never lived closely with humans, he was skittish and easily scared of anything unfamiliar, especially loud sounds like smoke alarms, vacuums, and lawn mowers. His rescuers knew it would likely take him a long time to warm up to humans, but they were determined to give him a better life.

RPSM is one of the organizations that receive donations from the GOODS Program. Because of those generous donations, Parker was able to experience healthy food, treats, toys, and other necessities possibly for the first time.

Parker Finds His Forever Home!

At the rescue, Parker went through training to help him learn that not everything has to be so scary. After gaining confidence, he was adopted by a wonderful family with kids that Parker loves to play with. He has grown so much since being rescued!

When organizations like RPSM receive essential donations, it allows them to use their funds on other areas of animal care, such as medical needs and training classes. These donations make it easier for them to save more dogs.

“RPSM is grateful for the assistance from the GOODS Program, as they provide food and treats for the dogs both in foster care and in the prison program. Funds allocated by the rescue for food can then be used for other essentials such as medical care for the dogs and supplies needed by our fosters,” RPSM wrote.

Every time you buy products from the iHeartDogs store, you’re helping dogs like Parker get rescued so they can find loving forever homes. Even small purchases can go a long way for shelters and rescues. So, thank you to all the heroes who have bought products to help dogs in need!

Shop & Give Back!

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