Welcoming a Bernese Mountain Dog into your family is a decision that comes with considerable financial responsibilities. Their large size impacts the cost of feeding and healthcare, and their thick coats require regular grooming. Additionally, as a breed prone to certain genetic health issues, prospective owners should be financially prepared for the costs associated with maintaining the well-being of their Bernese Mountain Dog. We will explore the various monthly expenses that come with owning this lovable breed.

1. Food

The robust appetite of a Bernese Mountain Dog comes with a corresponding cost. Monthly feeding expenses can range from $80 to $150, depending on the quality of dog food and the specific nutritional regimen recommended for their size and activity level.

2. Treats

Budgeting $20 to $40 per month for treats is advisable. Treats should be given in moderation and chosen based on nutritional value to avoid weight gain, which can exacerbate health issues in large breeds.

3. Veterinarian

Preventative veterinary care and potential breed-specific issues can lead to an average monthly cost of $60 to $120. This includes routine check-ups, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and other necessary medical expenses.

4. Toys

Toys that cater to the Bernese Mountain Dog’s size and playfulness are essential. Owners can expect to spend $20 to $50 monthly to provide a variety of durable toys.

5. Accessories

Collars, leashes, beds, and grooming tools are necessities, with monthly costs estimated at $30 to $70 for a Bernese Mountain Dog. Larger accessories that can support their weight and size are often more expensive.

6. Grooming

Grooming costs, especially for a breed with a long, thick coat like the Bernese Mountain Dog, can range from $50 to $100 per month. Regular brushing, bathing, and professional grooming sessions are key to maintaining their coat’s health.

7. Training

Training costs can vary, but budgeting $40 to $80 per month for professional training or obedience classes is a good starting point. Bernese Mountain Dogs are intelligent and typically eager to please, making them relatively straightforward to train.

8. Pet Insurance

Considering the breed’s health predispositions, pet insurance is highly recommended, with monthly premiums ranging from $40 to $80. Insurance can help manage the costs of unexpected health issues.

9. Miscellaneous

An additional $30 to $60 should be budgeted monthly for miscellaneous costs, including emergency vet visits, replacing worn accessories, or special dietary needs.


Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog in 2023 comes with an estimated monthly cost of $330 to $670. While the financial commitment is significant, the joy and companionship provided by a Bernese Mountain Dog are priceless. Proper budgeting and preparation for these expenses can ensure a comfortable and happy life for this majestic breed.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Cost of Owning A Bernese Mountain Dog

1. How much will I spend on food for a Bernese Mountain Dog each month?

The monthly cost of food for a Bernese Mountain Dog typically ranges from $80 to $150. This expense is influenced by the dog’s size, activity level, and the type of food you choose, with higher-quality brands being more costly but potentially better for your dog’s health.

2. What is the monthly budget for treats for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You should budget about $20 to $40 per month for treats for a Bernese Mountain Dog. Treats should be nutritious and appropriate for their size, and it’s important to factor treats into their total dietary intake to prevent obesity.

3. What are the usual veterinary expenses for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Routine veterinary expenses for a Bernese Mountain Dog are generally between $60 to $120 per month. This estimate accounts for regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventative medications, but it’s important to be prepared for potentially higher costs due to breed-specific health issues.

4. How much do toys cost for a Bernese Mountain Dog each month?

Toys for a Bernese Mountain Dog will typically cost $20 to $50 per month. They need a variety of durable and size-appropriate toys to stay mentally and physically stimulated.

5. What monthly costs are associated with accessories for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Monthly costs for accessories for a Bernese Mountain Dog, including collars, leashes, and beds, can range from $30 to $70. These costs can vary depending on the need for specialized items like orthopedic beds or harnesses.

6. How much does grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog cost per month?

Grooming a Bernese Mountain Dog can cost between $50 to $100 per month. Their thick, double coat requires regular maintenance to prevent matting and keep them comfortable, especially during shedding seasons.

7. Is training a Bernese Mountain Dog expensive?

Training a Bernese Mountain Dog can range from $40 to $80 per month, especially if you enroll them in professional obedience classes or specialized training courses that cater to their intelligence and working dog heritage.

8. How much is pet insurance for a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Pet insurance for a Bernese Mountain Dog typically ranges from $40 to $80 per month. Considering the breed’s susceptibility to certain health conditions, investing in a comprehensive insurance plan is advisable.

9. What other miscellaneous costs should I plan for?

Miscellaneous costs, including emergency vet visits, dietary supplements, or unexpected repairs, can add an extra $30 to $60 to your monthly budget when owning a Bernese Mountain Dog. It’s wise to have a contingency fund for these potential expenses.

10. How does the cost of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog compare to other breeds?

Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog can be more expensive than owning a smaller or less active breed. Their large size results in higher costs for food, healthcare, and accessories, and their specific grooming needs can also contribute to a greater overall expense.

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