A nice quiet dogwalk I told myself. That’s what I wanted. Only it wasn’t what I got.

Monster was determined to come too, despite me deciding to go and check the furthest gate at the furthest point of this 45 acre field.  It’s a long walk.

Here are the two dots – Pepper was way ahead.

It was a gorgeous clear day and the light was magical.

Monster was on top form.  I have never been this far away from home with him.

But he kept up, sort of – yes, I waited so he could always see me and shouted for him so he didn’t lose us.

He was quite easy to see, too, which helped.

I like to think everyone was wearing their Hi-Vis!

Once the gate had been checked – it has been known to open after a storm and everyone could go out into the hill if they could be arsed.

I checked the horses too.

And we finally reached the home field gate.  I knew Monster would struggle here, though he could’ve cheated and gone home via the garden, which would’ve been much drier.

He had a few “ew, mud” moments.

But he worked out the best route, like all of us do  – aim for the grassy tussocks and pray hard.

Someone will sleep well tonight.  That was a long walk for a cat.

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