It all began on a seemingly ordinary evening when Ethan, exhausted from a long day at work, decided to take a shortcut through the yards of houses to save some time. As he walked, he noticed a stray dog following him. The dog appeared skinny and fatigued, yet determined to keep up with Ethan. Curiosity piqued, Ethan slowed down to match the dog’s pace and noticed that the canine was carrying a bag in its mouth.


Upon arriving home, Ethan couldn’t ignore the dog’s melancholy gaze through his window. He offered the hungry canine some sausage and bread, but to his surprise, the dog placed the food into the bag he had been carrying and left. This peculiar routine continued for three days, with the dog following Ethan home and taking the food away in her bag.

Intrigued by the mystery, Ethan decided to follow the dog one day. They walked side by side for about a kilometer until they reached a subway entrance. There, seated on the steps, was an elderly man who appeared to have faced many hardships. The dog approached the man and handed him the bag filled with the provisions Ethan had provided. The man gratefully accepted the gift and shared it with the dog, revealing the true purpose behind the canine’s actions.


Ethan was moved by this heartwarming display of compassion and loyalty. The dog, affectionately named Buddy by the elderly man, was not just a stray but a devoted companion to someone who had experienced harsh challenges in his life. Ethan introduced himself to the homeless man, Mr. Simmons, who had fallen on difficult times after losing his job and family.

Touched by Buddy’s loyalty and Mr. Simmons’ tenacity, Ethan decided to offer assistance to Mr. Simmons and help him rebuild his life. In return, Ethan asked for Mr. Simmons and Ethan to be his lifelong friends, and of course, they happily obliged.

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