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With Christmas right around the corner, it’s hard not to be excited about giving and receiving gifts. Dog lovers can be tricky to shop for because there are so many dog-related products on the market. So, we’ve created this gift guide to give you some ideas of what to get for your canine-loving friends (or for yourself!) On this list, you’ll find holiday decorations, products for dogs, keepsake items, and much more! Plus, many of these products donate meals or items to shelter dogs, so you can feel good knowing your purchase made a difference.

The Ultimate iHeartDogs 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

1. A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Angel Dog Tree Topper – Helps Feed 30 Hungry Shelter Dogs in Need

The iHeartDogs ‘Christmas Miracle’ Angel Dog Tree Topper is the perfect finishing touch to add to your Christmas tree. With gold ribbons, shimmery designs, and built-in lights, this unique tree topper is sure to catch the eyes of every guest in your home. Admiring it is sure to get any dog lover in the Christmas spirit, especially since each product sold donates 30 meals to shelters dogs!

2. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence – Virtual Fence & Collar

Think your dog would love to explore beyond the backyard? You’re SpotOn! SpotOn is the highest-rated GPS dog fence in the world, allowing you to create a fence of any size and shape in almost any location. Setup only takes a few minutes, and then you’re ready to start teaching your dog where the boundaries are. With this product, you can save up to 20 virtual dog fences – all for one price, no subscription needed. Save $150 with code iHeartDogs.

3. Free Mini Pup Tree Topper with Mini 14″ Table Top Christmas Tree

Whether you don’t have space for a regular-sized tree or just want an additional tree decoration in your house, the Mini Table Top Christmas Tree is the cutest holiday decoration out there. Plus, for a limited time, you can get a free mini pup tree topper with your purchase to add to its festive charm. The 14-inch tree comes with ten pet-related ornaments, and each tree purchased can feed a whole shelter full of pets (50 meals)!

4. Home For The Holidays Christmas Musical Dog Snow Globe

This beautiful Home for the Holidays Christmas Snow Globe is a one-of-a-kind decoration for your home. It features three adorable dogs in a globe that’s full of glittery snow. It comes with a built-in airflow feature so when you turn it on, the glitter flows without you needing to shake it. You can also choose to have it play one of seven holiday songs, including classics like Jingle Bells. Every time someone purchases this snow globe, 30 healthy meals go to shelter dogs.

5. Sleeping Dog Christmas Tree Night Light

The dark can be scary for both humans and pets, but this adorable Sleeping Dog Christmas Tree Night Light can illuminate a room slightly to make you and your loved ones feel more comfortable. The design includes a vibrant Christmas tree with a little dog napping on it. To use it, all you have to do is plug it in and flip a switch and it will make your home a little more festive. For every night light purchased seven meals are donated to dogs in need.

6. Love You To The Moon & Back Garden Solar Lantern

The “I Love You to the Moon & Back” Garden Solar Lantern is the perfect outdoor decoration to show off your love for dogs, whether it’s a dog that’s still with you or a furry friend that crossed the rainbow bridge. The lantern showcases a dog sitting on the moon and reaching for a star. It’s solar-powered, so leaving it in a sunny spot allows it to charge during the day and then illuminate at night. Plus, every time someone buys this product, seven shelter dogs get fed.

7. In A Perfect World Every Dog Has A Home Polar Fleece Blanket, 50″x 60″

The holiday season gets pretty chilly in most locations, so you can never have too many blankets to keep you warm. This iHeartDogs Polar Fleece Blanket is ultra soft and big enough for both you and your dog to curl up under. The words, “In a Perfect World, Every Dog Has a Home” are written on it with a pattern of bones, hearts, and paw prints around the border. Every blanket purchased donates three meals to animal shelters.

8. Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food Subscription

Nom Nom offers fresh dog food that’s made with healthy human-grade ingredients that you can see. To get started, you’ll need to fill out some information about your dog so Nom Nom can offer a personalized meal plan for them, including the recipe and serving size that’s most suitable for your furry friend’s needs. Nom Nom has four tasty recipes that even picky eaters will enjoy: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. The food is always shipped right to your door on a regular schedule so you no longer have to worry about running to the store for more dog food.

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9. Heartbeat Puppy Comfort Cuddler Pillow

The iHeartDogs Heartbeat Puppy Comfort Cuddler is a great way to help anxious dogs calm down, especially when they’re alone in their crates. This stuffed animal comes with an artificial pulsing heartbeat and a heat pack to simulate a living dog. It can remind puppies of curling up next to their mom or siblings, helping them feel more at ease. Every time someone buys this toy, a toy is also donated to a shelter pup!

10. Furever Family Tree – Customize Paws with All Your Dogs’ Names

This Customizable Furever Family Tree allows you to display all the dogs you’ve loved before, both past and present. It’s a kit that comes with 20 wooden paw prints (ten regular ones and ten with angel wings) and a stamp kit to put your dog’s names on the pawprints. Then, you can put the paw prints onto the wooden tree to create a family tree of your furry family members. Every purchase of this decoration donates 10 meals to shelter dogs.

11. Dear Santa Beware of Wiggle Butts Kitchen Dish Towel

This pack of kitchen dish towels is a simple way to add your love for dogs into your home decor. One of the three towels is Christmas-themed with the words, “Dear Santa, Beware of Wiggle Butts!” along with snow flakes and paw prints on the edges. These adorable towels are made of 100% cotton flour sack, and every time this pack of towels is purchased, three shelter dogs get fed.

12. Sunflowers & Paws – Artisan Shadow Solar Lantern

This artisan solar lantern is the perfect dog decorations for all seasons, whether you want it indoors or outdoors. It charges during the day by sitting in the sunlight, and then, it illuminates at night, projecting a pattern of sunflowers and paw prints onto the ground around it. There’s no need to plug it in, making it an eco-friendly choice. It’s perfect for walkways, centerpieces, or anywhere else that needs some uplifting decor. Every lantern purchased donates seven meals to shelter dogs.

13. JustFoodForDogs Fresh Dog Food Subscription

JustFoodForDogs is another fresh dog food company that provides meals with gently cooked human-grade ingredients. They offer a wide variety of recipes with various protein sources, such as chicken, fish, turkey, beef, and venison. They also offer variety packs for pet parents who want their pups to be able to try several flavors. Some options are even for specific needs, such as joint support, sensitive skin, and healthy weight. Choose the recipe that seems most appealing for your dog and get it shipped right to your door.

14. Rainbow Bridge Love Paw Dog Solar Garden Chime

If you have a furry friend who has crossed the rainbow bridge, the Rainbow Bridge Love Solar Garden Chime is a perfect way to memorialize them. It has six light-up paw prints, one for each color of the rainbow. During the day, the garden chime charges in the sunlight so it can illuminate at night with its vibrant colors. Every time you see it shining at night, you’ll be filled with fond memories of the beloved dog you lost. Plus, this product donates three meals to shelter dogs in your pup’s honor.

15. Christmas Ribbon Lights Dog Paws & Stars

Even with plenty of dog Christmas decorations, does your tree still feel like it’s missing something? These iHeartDogs Christmas Ribbon Lights can be the perfect addition to any Christmas tree because from a distance, it just looks like a traditional ribbon, but when you get a closer look, you’ll see the charming paw print pattern. This product comes with two 16.4-foot rolls of ribbon with lights powered by batteries. With these on your tree, you can feel good knowing you helped provide two meals to shelter dogs.

16. My Guardian Angel Memorial Dog Figurine with Flameless Candle

The iHeartDogs My Guardian Angel Memorial Figurine is a keepsake that’s meant to remind dog parents that the dogs they have lost are still loved and cared for after crossing the rainbow bridge. This hand-painted resin figure features an angel holding a small dog in their arms. Inside the angel’s skirt is a battery-operated LED candle that has a realistic flickering pattern. If you purchase one of these figures, you’ll also be an angel for shelter dogs because four meals will be donated.

17. Always In My Heart Dog Memorial Keepsake Box

Here’s another excellent memorial keepsake for a beloved dog that you lost. The Always In My Heart Dog Memorial Keepsake Box is a heart-shaped container that can hold items that remind you of your furry friend, such as their collar or small toys. The exterior shows an angel hugging a dog while the interior includes the words, “Always in my heart.” Every time one of these keepsakes is purchased, three meals go to shelter dogs.

18. Bissel BARKBATH Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System

The Bissel BARKBATH is the perfect dual-use pet product because it can keep your furry friend clean while also cleaning up after them. It has two separate water tanks: one for dog shampoo and another for a deep cleansing formula. When cleaning your dog with the shampoo, there are several customizable nozzles that work for different coat types. It can clean any dog up to 80 pounds using only 68 ounces of water as opposed to the 19 gallons of water that most bath tubs use. Then, if your dog has any accidents, you can also use this product as a carpet and upholstery tool. All the dirty water goes into a separate tank, so it’s easy to clean out after baths and carpet cleaning. Plus, every purchase helps pets in need.

19. Butterflies & Paws Artisan Shadow Solar Lantern

This is another beautiful artisan solar lantern by iHeartDogs, but this design features butterflies, flowers, and paw prints. It can sit indoors or outdoors, but it should sit in sunlight during the day so it can charge, and then it will illuminate at night, casting its charming pattern onto the ground around it. It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can set it in any place that you feel needs a little more light. Every time this lantern is purchased, three meals are donated to shelter dogs.

20. Comfort Cuddler Buddy

The iHeartDogs Comfort Cuddler Buddy is another great tool for dogs who get anxiety, whether it’s in the car, alone in their crate, or at a dog sitter’s house. This polyester faux Sherpa toy has a pouch where you can insert objects that smell like you, such as items of clothing. When your dog recognizes your scent, they’ll be more likely to relax during stressful situations. Cuddling with it can help them feel like you’re always close to them. Every time this toy is purchased, a shelter dog also gets a toy.

21. Dog Training Courses from K9 Training Institute

All dogs can benefit from dog training, but not all dog parents have the time and money to attend regular in-person classes. K9 Training Institute offers detailed online courses so families can train their dogs from the comfort of their homes on their own time. People interested in their training classes can start with a free dog training workshop to stop bad behaviors. These classes are meant to get your dog as well-behaved as a service dog by incorporating methods that are similar to what service dog trainers use.

22. Funny Fuzzy Vintage Leisure Dog Sofa Bed

There’s a good chance your dog already has lots of beds to relax in, but do they have their own personal couch? The Funny Fuzzy Vintage Leisure Dog Sofa allows your pup to lounge in style because it’s made of soft, thick fabric so your pup will feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. Its raised sides and back act as pillows for your pet, providing neck support. Plus, the fact that it has an anti-slip bottom and is machine-washable makes it easy for pet parents to maintain, even if you have messy pups. So, with this couch bed in your home, your dog will have a new favorite sleeping spot.

23. Dog Walking Services from Rover

Rover’s Dog Walking Services are perfect for families who have to leave their dogs alone for long periods but still want to make sure they get enough exercise. On Rover’s website, you can browse dog walkers near you to find one that seems like the best fit for your dog and your schedule. This website also offers various dog sitting options so your pup can always be pampered even when you’re not home.

24. West Paw Toppl Treat Toy

The West Paw Toppl Treat Toy is an excellent dog toy for heavy chewers and dogs who need some extra mental stimulation. It’s made with the company’s recyclable Zogoflex material that even tough chewers have a hard time breaking. With this toy, you can insert treats inside, causing your dog to need to tip it to get the treats out. For an added challenge, you can attach a smaller Toppl to the top of a larger one. When your dog is done playing with it, you can put the toy in the dishwasher to ensure it’s clean for their next play session.

25. Doggy Lawn Smart Indoor Dog Potty

The BrilliantPad Smart Indoor Dog Potty is a convenient way to allow small dogs to do their business indoors. It can be beneficial for days when you can’t walk your dog outside, such as when the weather is bad, if you’re out of the house for long hours, or if your dog has health concerns. When your dog does their business, the product wraps the pad and seals it away to reduce odors. When it runs out of pads, you can throw away the rolled up pad and replace it with a new one so you never have to come into contact with urine or feces.

26. CuddleClones Look-A-Like Plush Pets

If you’ve ever wanted a plush toy that looks exactly like your beloved pet, CuddleClones is the way to go. They use pictures of your dog to create a stuffed animal that looks like it could be your dog’s twin. Each toy is hand-crated with high-quality faux fur, so you will get a unique, one-of-a-kind product every time. CuddleClones is committed to ensuring everyone loves their plush, so you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

27. Cozy Matching Hoodies from SPARK PAWS

Both you and your dog deserve to be cozy this holiday season, so Spark Paws sells matching hoodies for you and your pup. These soft, stretchy clothing items come in a variety of colors and sizes to cater to all humans and canines. They all have fleece lining for added comfort, and the dog hoodies have a leash hole so you can walk your dog while they’re wearing one. Both of you will be so comfortable in these outfits that you’ll never want to take them off!

28. A Human-Sized Dog Bed to Cuddle Up with Your Pup

Have you ever looked at your dog curled up in their favorite dog bed and wished you could be as cozy as them? With the Plufl Human-Sized Dog Bed, you can be. In fact, the bed is big enough for you and your furry friends to cuddle together. It’s made with an ultra-soft cover and a pillow bolster on all sides. The interior is mattress-grade orthopedic foam to be easy on your joints while you rest. Plus, if the bed gets dirty, you can remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine for easy maintenance.

29. A Monthly Box to Spoil Your Favorite Dog Mom

Pup Mom Crate offers a special delivery service specifically for dog moms. The box includes a combination of dog toys, dog treats, and items for the dog’s owner, such as bags, cups, and decorations. Every month, the goodies will be shipped right to your dog so both you and your dog can enjoy them. Dog moms who order a six-month subscription can also get a free pet camera. Plus, if you post pictures of your box with “#pupmomcrate,” you could win a free box!

Start Shopping for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, dog, or even yourself, there are lots of great gifts for dog lovers in this article. However, this list doesn’t end there. There are always endless dog-related products, so dog lovers and their furry friends are sure to be spoiled this holiday season. Any of the gift ideas on this list are sure to get a great reaction out of a dog lover when they open it.

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