When Jon first approached Wiley at the animal shelter, he was there to adopt another Pit Bull named Smokey. But Wiley, who had been stuck at the shelter for over 105 days, caught his attention. As Jon petted him, Wiley wouldn’t move; he just sat there, looking adorable and helpless.

When Jon went back home, he couldn’t get Wiley off his mind and soon realized that he needed to do something to help him.


After deciding to rescue and foster Wiley, Jon experienced one of the best days of his life. He saw the joy in Wiley’s eyes as he was finally freed from the shelter. However, Wiley didn’t know how to play at first, and it took some time for him to learn. Jon believes that no one had ever played with Wiley before, which made their time together even more special.

Jon ended up fostering Wiley for eight months– the longest he had ever fostered a dog. During that time, Wiley taught him that things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes, it can be challenging to find the perfect home for a dog. Jon remained strong and confident, knowing that somewhere out there, there was a loving family waiting to adopt Wiley.


Eventually, a family in Modesto, California, discovered Wiley and fell in love with him right away. The day finally came when Jon would take Wiley to his new family. It was an emotional morning as Jon realized that this would be their last snuggle session in his bed. He let Wiley sit next to him in the car, licking his face while Smokey looked on jealously.

Upon arriving at Wiley’s new home, Jon removed the “Adopt Me” flag from his leash. The family was waiting by the door, excited to welcome Wiley into their lives. Jon sat down next to Wiley, giving him one last big hug, and reassured him that he would be in good hands with his new family. He promised that he and Smokey would come to visit.


Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, but it was a bittersweet moment for Jon. He remembered the image of Wiley stuck at the shelter, looking at him through the gate, and now he saw him running around in his new yard in his forever home. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for Jon, who is proud of the journey they shared together.

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