On Friday evening I went with OH to the 2023 Shetland Craft Fair at the Clickimin Leisure Complex.  I had a quick perusal but left without buying much – mostly because I could not do my shopping in secret and OH is not an enthusiastic shopper.

So, this morning, hoping the fair would be fairly empty, I returned with all the time in the world and two like-minded friends.

The annual Craft Fair is organised by Shetland Arts & Crafts Association – showcasing “unique woodcraft, knitwear, textiles, fine art and more. Inspired by Shetland’s dramatic scenery, heritage and culture, Shetland Arts and Crafts producers offer a unique and diverse range of crafts, from the islands’ traditional knitwear designs, handed down through generations, to more modern and highly original craft work.”

All I can say is wow, and I got much of my Christmas shopping done too but no, sadly, no one is receiving a beautifully crafted Hardanger fiddle this year!

I had to physically stop myself from buying Christmas presents for myself!

But I might have added to my “secret soap stash” just because lovely soap is my luxury and a necessity.

And, yes, I possibly got a few edible things for later.

I even found a well-made klibber so if you’re interested in buying one, let me know and I will pass your details onwards.

These are called “creepies” – a traditional milking stool or to creep nearer to the fire.

And of course Shetland Reel gin – free samples – and I might’ve had a few for my breakfast!

When I looked at my watch, I suddenly saw that we had been there three hours.  A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, drinking free samples of gin and shopping!  My idea of heaven.

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