As rescuer Prue was getting into her car one day, on her way home, she saw an old dog barely able to lift his head. It seemed as though he had given up on life, and it felt like he was knocking on death’s door. However, she could tell he had an owner, and it was evident that his heart was broken. In that moment, she decided that she had to rescue him immediately in order to save his life.


To Prue’s surprise, she was able to get a slip leash on him quite easily and lure him into her car. She was thrilled! As they looked at each other, he seemed to be saying, “Hey, let’s go, lady! Drive me home.” Prue named him Henry on the spot, and they went straight to the vet to begin his rehabilitation journey.

Henry enjoyed his massages and hot showers, but his real transformation came from a comfy bed, great food, and beautiful walks to explore the world. He adapted quickly to his new life, so much so that Prue had to put some restrictions in place to ensure his safety and well-being. It was around the four-week mark that his personality truly began to shine, and she believes that the walks played a significant role in helping him become a happy, healthy dog.


Henry’s newfound happiness was evident, especially when he met another one of Prue’s dogs named Sadie. The two became inseparable, and Henry’s gentle, loving nature was apparent in his interactions with her. Prue didn’t want to break his heart again, and she loved him dearly. She decided to adopt him permanently and give him the home he deserved.

As a result, Prue is now banned from fostering for her own organization because she can’t bear to give up the dogs once she’s taken them in. Henry’s loving, beautiful, gentle soul has brought so much happiness to their lives, and it seems as though fate played a role in their meeting. They both happened to be in the same place at the same time, and it feels like fate chose them to be together.

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