In the bustling streets of Caloocan, outside the walls of Manila Central University Hospital, a loyal senior dog remained steadfast in his vigil. Day after day, he waited for his beloved owner, who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 and, unbeknownst to the faithful canine, had sadly passed away within those walls last year. This poignant tale came to the attention of the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), a compassionate organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.


Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Kingdom Foundation via Facebook


The dog, whose bond with his owner was unbreakable, resisted all attempts by the owner’s family to bring him home. Time and again, he escaped their care and returned to the one place he associated with his missing human. “Siguro gano’n lang talaga siya ka-attached sa owner niyang namatay, so he kept on coming back,” reflected Christian Bondoc, a volunteer and social media manager for the AKF, on the depths of the dog’s devotion.

As the months rolled by, this gentle and sociable canine became an endearing fixture to the hospital community. Guards, doctors, students, and visitors were charmed by his presence and, in a touching homage, began calling him Morgan after the hospital morgue he frequented in his unwavering wait. Hospital staff, moved by Morgan’s story, refrained from contacting the pound, fearing the worst for the devoted dog.



Happiness spread among the hospital staff as the AKF intervened, heartened by the prospect that Morgan was finally getting a chance at a new life. “They were very happy kasi finally someone took notice no’ng dog that has been staying there for so long. They’re happy because finally, he’s going to be given a chance na mahanapan talaga ng family since he already lost his owner,” Bondoc conveyed, hope resonating in his voice.

Morgan was taken under the wing of the AKF, which whisked him away to their sanctuary in Capaz, Tarlac. There, he began a journey of recovery, regaining lost weight and receiving necessary vaccinations. The next steps for him include neutering and rehabilitation, after which he will be seeking a family that can cater to his needs as an elder dog. Potential adopters are already lining up, their suitability to be meticulously evaluated by the AKF, ensuring Morgan finds a fitting and loving home.

Bondoc, speaking on behalf of AKF, shared the broader implications of Morgan’s story: “Itong story ni Morgan is one of many stories that showcases ‘yong loyalty ng mga pets, they really treat their owners as family.” He emphasized the grave commitment that comes with adopting a pet, a lifelong obligation to the well-being of the animal.


Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Kingdom Foundation via Facebook


The AKF’s mission extends to public outreach, touring malls with animals in desperate search of permanent homes. Bondoc passionately urged the public to consider the rewarding act of adopting from rescue centers, pounds, and the streets, changing the trajectory of an animal’s life forever. “Put into mind that when you’re adopting, you’re changing the life of an animal. You’re giving them a second chance, you’re giving them a family, babaguhin mo completely ‘yong future nila,” he encouraged.

In a final thought-provoking sentiment, Bondoc mused, “You might be surprised din na it would end up na parang ikaw din ‘yong na-rescue in a way,” reminding us that in saving an animal, we often find ourselves rescued in return.

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