In the bustling market, amidst the aroma of freshly picked fruits and the chatter of shoppers, a man named Ethan reached for a basket of ripe apples. Just as his fingers brushed the fruit, a gentle tap on his shoulder made him turn abruptly. Startled, he found himself face to face with an old woman, her eyes kind and weathered, and in her arms, a small, scruffy puppy.

The little pup had a furrowed brow, and his fur was matted and patchy. The old woman spoke with a trembling voice, “Young man, I’ve been trying to find a good home for this pup for so long, and I think you might be the one.”


Ethan was unprepared for the woman’s appeal. He had always loved dogs but had never had one of his own. Kneeling down, he examined the puppy. The little guy had a sparkle in his eyes. The old woman explained, “My daughter’s dog became pregnant four months ago, and she couldn’t keep all the puppies. This one is special, and I want to make sure he goes to a loving home.”

Ethan thought about his girlfriend, Mia, who had been hesitant about moving in together. With a smile, he agreed to take the puppy, hoping the pup might convince Mia to spend more time at his place. When Mia arrived and saw the puppy Ethan named Magnus, the tiny dog already seemed at home. Her face lit up with joy as she exclaimed, “He’s the sweetest thing! I can’t believe you got him for free.”


Ethan shared the story of how he met the old woman in the market and brought Magnus into their lives, though he didn’t know much about the dog’s breed. Mia, however, recognized Magnus as a Chinese Crested, a rare and valuable pedigree breed.

Their lack of knowledge about Magnus’s breed didn’t matter. Mia had already fallen in love with him and decided to move in. As time passed, Ethan, Mia, and Magnus became an inseparable trio, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. They often returned to the market, hoping to find the old woman who had given them the gift of love and companionship and express their gratitude in return for the wonderful pup who had brought them together.

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