In downtown Detroit, a scared dog was sitting in the middle of the road, shaking and terrified. The woman, Cheryl Simmons, who found her, feared she would run into traffic again.

The dog, now named Cardi, had a choke collar and a leash on, leading Cheryl to believe that she had escaped from someone. Cardi seemed to be sitting in public as if she thought it would protect her from harm.


For hours, Cheryl sat in the snow and cold, talking to Cardi, trying to gain her trust. When she attempted to approach the dog, Cardi would run away, and Cheryl didn’t want to risk her running into the street again. Eventually, two more people joined Cheryl in her efforts to help Cardi, but they, too, were unable to get close to the frightened dog.

After four and a half hours, another rescuer arrived with a slip leash, which is a more gentle lead for dogs. She managed to wrap it around Cardi, who began to panic and roll around, getting herself tangled in the leash. Trina sat with Cardi, allowing her to calm down. After about three minutes, Cardi was finally relieved and able to trust her rescuers.


Cheryl then transported Cardi to what she initially thought would be a foster home. However, the moment Cardi’s new dad saw her, he knew she was meant to be a part of their family. They immediately formed a special bond, with Cardi’s dad even laying on the floor with her for six hours on the first night.

Cardi’s new family decided to move out of their apartment to give her the life she deserved. Upon seeing her new home, Cardi’s joy and excitement were palpable. Her adoptive family believes that she knew this was her forever home from the moment she arrived.


Cardi has come a long way since her rescue, always ready to try new things even if she’s scared. Her story is proof that through the power of love and perseverance, along with patience and compassion, even the most frightened animals can find their happily ever after.

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