Taz, an adorable dog with a major case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), can’t stand being apart from his doggy brother, Bones. No matter what his human parents do to try and distract him, Taz will cry and run to every window in the house, going crazy when Bones is outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s only been five minutes; Taz is always thrilled to see Bones return.


Taz’s favorite person in the world is his Grandma. However, if she does anything with Bones, Taz becomes incredibly jealous. He’ll push his body into her so that she can’t pet Bones, essentially claiming her as his human. It’s as if Taz knew he was the second dog in the family and immediately took on the role of the baby.


This behavior had Taz’s mom worried about how he would react when she had her baby boy, Ethan. Initially, both dogs were curious about the new addition to the family. Bones, in particular, adores Ethan and often lies next to him like a protective older brother. On the other hand, Taz was unsure about the situation and would stand near the baby, glaring at his owners and wanting all the attention for himself. He wasn’t too happy about being dethroned as the baby of the family.

Taz’s jealousy even extends to his interactions with Grandma. His mom always tells her that she has to love on Taz before holding the baby, or else he won’t leave them alone. Taz won’t be satisfied until he gets some kisses and pets from his beloved Grandma.


Despite his jealousy, Taz does love his baby brother. He just also loves the attention from his owners and doesn’t hold it against Ethan. The three of them – Taz, Bones, and Ethan – have been a gift to the family’s life, and there’s more than enough love to give to each of them.

As time passes, Taz will undoubtedly continue to learn how to balance his love for his doggy brother, his human family, and the attention he craves.

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