When Laura noticed a black and white dog chained to a tree behind a house with little food or water, she knew she had to do something. The dog, whom she would later name Takia, was a big and friendly creature, wagging her tail as the woman approached her.

Despite not knowing if anyone lived in the house, Laura took it upon herself to visit Takia three days a week, bringing her food and water, and trying to make her living situation more comfortable.


Over time, Takia began to recognize Laura’s car and would get increasingly excited whenever she visited. Laura knew she had to do something more for Takia. She even considered stealing her to provide her with a better life. However, she ultimately decided against it, fearing the consequences.

Instead, Laura called Animal Control to report Takia’s situation. She was disappointed to learn that as long as there was a dog house and adequate food and water, the situation was considered acceptable. Undeterred, Laura continued to visit Takia three days a week for an entire year, determined to make a difference in her life.


When summer came, Laura knew she had to try and get Takia out of her current situation. She enlisted the help of her mother, who was equally concerned about the dog’s well-being. Together, they contacted Animal Control one more time. The following day, they received a call back stating that the owner had surrendered Takia, and they were looking for someone to take her in.

Overjoyed, Laura immediately offered to adopt the pup she had already fallen in love with. When she brought her home, Takia was a completely different dog. She had been used to being chained up all day, and now she had the freedom to run around and explore her new surroundings. Laura marveled at the dog’s transformation, noting how appreciative Takia was for everything she had been given.


In her new home, Takia finally had a comfortable bed, and Laura couldn’t believe the dog had spent so much time sleeping outside in the mud, rain, and snow. She felt incredibly lucky they had found each other. One woman’s determination to make a difference in the life of a neglected dog resulted in a happy ending for both her and Takia. Now, they can enjoy their time together, knowing they have each other’s love and support.

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