When Marv first arrived at the shelter, there wasn’t much information about him. Even now, not much is known about his genetic disorder. He was rescued by a Purposeful Rescue organization and found his forever home with two loving moms, Amanda and Bre.

Marv’s unique appearance makes it look like he’s smiling, brightening up everyone’s day.


Marv has some physical challenges – he can’t walk or get up on his own, and his tongue doesn’t leave his mouth. He also has an overcrowding of teeth, which makes it difficult for him to chew. To help Marv eat, his family sits him up in a bed and feeds him with a spoon, just like a baby. Bre and Amanda have been very lucky with their family always supporting their dog adventures.


Despite his physical limitations, Marv is full of life and wants to be everywhere his family goes. He has acclimated to his surroundings and has found his own way to play with the other dogs. Marv communicates in unique ways, such as gently nibbling on fingertips when trying to be affectionate.

Over the last 18 months, Amanda was diagnosed with an autoimmune muscle disease, which has left her disabled. In a way, Marv has saved her by providing companionship and understanding. They sit together on the couch, talking and holding each other, relating to their shared physical limitations.


Marv’s family treats him like their child, making arrangements for him wherever they go. He fills their souls and makes them feel needed, which is something everyone craves. They have taken Marv to several different vets, all of whom have confirmed that he is not in pain.

Marv’s heartwarming story reminds us that there are still good things in the world to talk about. His unique appearance and determination to live a full life despite his challenges show that being different is not bad or broken – it’s beautiful.

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