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When it comes to dog training, many pet parents consider pet corrector sprays because they want an easy solution for bad behaviors, but no training method is an instant fix. While these products can help with your dog’s behaviors, they should be paired with proper training. You’ll need to work on teaching your dog what your expectations are before introducing a tool like this because if your dog doesn’t understand why you’re using the spray, they may become overly anxious and fearful, making future training harder.

Before using a tool like a pet corrector spray, it’s best to talk to a professional trainer about how to manage your dog’s unwanted behaviors. They can let you know if one of these products will be beneficial for your individual dog. If you’re interested in trying a pet air horn spray, always remember that you’ll still need to practice regular training with your dog instead of just expecting the spray to “fix” your dog right away.

Best Pet Corrector/Air Horn Sprays

Emits harmless hissing sound to deter bad behaviors200 uses per canComes with training guideCreated by animal psychologist

The PET CORRECTOR Dog Trainer is a product that helps stop unwanted dog behaviors such as barking, jumping up, food stealing, aggression, and more. It works by emitting a harmless hiss of air to mimic the natural warning sounds that wild animals make, allowing you to interrupt the action and retrain your dog. The product is easy to use, making it a great tool for dog training in a humane and constructive way. However, it’s not suitable for puppies or anxious dogs, and precautions should be taken when using it.

Pack of twoEmits a safe, natural hissing sound to deter bad behaviorsFollow three simple steps to see improvements

This pack of spray dog trainers emits harmless air hissing sounds to deter bad behaviors in dogs like barking, jumping, or chewing on items they’re not supposed to. It has three simple steps for using it successfully: spotting an unwanted behavior, spraying the device, and rewarding your dog as soon as they listen. Remember, your dog should already be trained to know not to do the unwanted behavior, otherwise this device may confuse them or stress them out.

Mimics natural hissing sounds made by wild animalsHelps correct unwanted behaviors like barking or jumpingCan be used with three simple training stepsSafer and quicker than competitors

The BOOTAT Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs is a tool designed to help train dogs by emitting a harmless hissing sound to interrupt unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping, and food stealing. It’s an easy-to-use and effective solution for pet parents looking to correct their dog’s bad habits. The spray is safe for both pets and humans when used correctly, but it’s recommended for use by adults and professionals, and not with puppies or pointed directly at dogs or near the body.

Makes harmless sounds to interrupt barkingCreates hissing sounds that mimic wild animalsQuick and easy to use with proper trainingNot recommended for puppies

The EDUPET PET Corrector Dog Trainer is a pet corrector spray that’s designed to help train dogs to stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping, stealing food, fighting, and attacking other dogs. It emits harmless sounds that interrupt the dog’s movements and allow for retraining. The spray is safe, humane, and effective, and it can be used to improve dogs’ behaviors at home and in public places. However, it’s important to follow the usage instructions and avoid direct contact with the dog or any part of the body.

Pack of two pet correctorsEmits hissing sound that mimics wild animalsEach can has about 50 usesDeters bad behaviors if used with proper training
The COMPANY OF ANIMALS Pet Corrector is a training tool designed to help owners train their dogs to stop excessive barking or other bad behaviors. This product comes in a pack of two for families who plan to use it regularly. It works by emitting a harmless hiss of air that mimics natural warning sounds made by other animals. This sound interrupts the dog’s behavior and allows for the retraining of habits such as jumping up and barking. The product is meant to be used in short bursts and should never be pointed directly at a dog or used with puppies.
Pack of threeEmits harmless compressed airDiscourages bad behavior in pets when paired with proper training

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector also offers a pack of three for homes that might use it regularly with several dogs. This is a product that emits a blast of compressed air to interrupt undesirable behavior in pets. It’s designed to stop unwanted barking, jumping up, and stealing food. Additionally, it can be used as a training tool to discourage bad behavior in cats. The Pet Corrector is considered safe and humane to use since it doesn’t cause any physical harm to pets. However, using it too often or without proper training could lead to anxiety and fear in dogs.

What Are The Uses for Pet Corrector Sprays / Air Horns for Dogs?

Pet corrector sprays, often referred to as “air horns,” are tools designed to interrupt and deter unwanted canine behaviors by emitting a sharp hissing sound. Below are some common uses for these sprays, but don’t forget that these products are only effective in these areas if you also work on consistent training with your dog.

Interrupting Unwanted Behaviors: The sudden sound can distract a dog from engaging in undesired activities like jumping on guests, digging, or barking excessively.
Prevention of Aggression: If a dog shows signs of aggression towards another dog or a person, the noise from the spray can serve as a sudden distraction, potentially preventing escalation.
Curbing Excessive Barking: While it’s natural for dogs to bark, some might do so excessively. Using the spray when they bark without a valid reason can help in reducing this behavior over time.
Stopping Chasing: Some dogs have a high prey drive and may chase cars, people on bikes, or even other animals. The sound from the corrector can halt this behavior in its tracks.
Training Aid: In conjunction with other training tools and positive reinforcement, pet corrector sprays can be incorporated into training sessions to establish clear behavioral boundaries.
Counter-Surfing & Stealing Food: If your dog has a habit of jumping on counters or stealing food, a quick burst from the spray can deter them.
Avoidance of Forbidden Areas: If there are specific areas in your home or garden where you don’t want your dog to go, using the spray when they approach or enter these zones can teach them to avoid them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Corrector Air Horn Sprays for Dogs

What is a pet corrector spray or air horn for dogs?

A pet corrector spray, often referred to as an “air horn,” is a canister that emits a sharp hissing sound. It’s designed to interrupt and deter unwanted canine behaviors without causing any physical harm.

How does the pet corrector spray work?

The spray works by releasing a burst of compressed air, producing a loud hissing sound. This sudden noise can interrupt the dog’s current behavior, diverting their attention and stopping the undesired action.

Is a pet corrector spray safe for dogs?

Yes, when used correctly and in moderation, pet corrector sprays are safe. They don’t cause any physical harm. However, excessive or inappropriate use can lead to fear or anxiety in some dogs, so it’s essential to use it judiciously.

Can the spray be used for any dog breed or age?

While the spray can be used for most breeds and ages, it’s essential to observe how your dog reacts. Puppies, seniors, or sensitive breeds might be more susceptible to fear or stress, so ensure it’s not causing anxiety.

How often can I use the spray on my dog?

The spray should be used sparingly, primarily to interrupt unwanted behaviors. Continual or overuse can desensitize your dog to the sound, reducing its effectiveness or leading to fear and stress.

Will the spray work on all dogs?

Most dogs will react to the sudden sound of the spray, but like all training tools, its effectiveness varies between individual dogs. Some may become desensitized over time or might not find the noise deterring.

Can the spray harm my dog’s hearing?

The sound emitted by the corrector spray is loud but short-lived. It’s designed to grab the dog’s attention without causing harm. If used appropriately, it shouldn’t damage a dog’s hearing.

Are there any situations where I shouldn’t use the spray?

Avoid using the spray on highly anxious or fearful dogs, as it can worsen their anxiety. Additionally, don’t use it in situations where the dog might redirect aggression onto another pet or person due to the sudden noise.

Can I use the pet corrector spray as the only training tool?

While the spray can be an effective interrupter, it’s best used with other training methods and positive reinforcement. Relying solely on the spray might not address the root cause of the undesired behavior.

How should I store the pet corrector spray?

Store the spray in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Ensure it’s out of reach of children and pets. Like all pressurized canisters, avoid puncturing, burning, or exposing it to extreme temperatures.

Conclusion: Best Pet Corrector (Air Horn) Sprays for Dogs

Pet corrector sprays can be a beneficial tool for some dogs, but it can be harmful for others. If you have an anxious pup or a dog that’s new to training, this tool may be scary and overwhelming for them. When in doubt, talk to a dog trainer to decide if one of the products in this article can help your dog. After all, we always want to set our dogs up for success when it comes to training, so we need to make sure we follow the best methods of doing so.

Remember, positive reinforcement should always be at the forefront of any training regimen. With the right tools and approach, dog training can be both productive and enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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