Sequoia, a dog with a heartwarming story, has found a forever home with Alyssa, her doting owner. Rescued from a backyard breeder, Sequoia was one of 90 dogs taken in by the organization “I Stand With My Pack.”

Upon arriving at her new home, Sequoia was timid, malnourished, and in need of a loving family to help her recover and flourish.


At first, Sequoia was afraid to leave the car, unsure how to navigate her new surroundings. She didn’t know how to climb stairs, forcing Alyssa and her fiancé to carry her up and down. Sequoia also struggled with simple things like using a dog bed and playing with toys. She was even terrified of the television, hiding in the corner when it was turned on. Despite these challenges, Sequoia’s resilience shone through as she quickly adapted to her new life.

Three months after being rescued, Sequoia’s true personality began to emerge. She transformed into a gentle, affectionate, 75-pound lap dog. Sequoia would cuddle up to Alyssa like a human, resting her head on her chest and draping an arm over her. Alyssa and Sequoia have become inseparable, spending nearly every moment of the day together since Alyssa works from home.


One particularly touching moment in Sequoia’s journey was her first trip to the beach in Santa Barbara. The pure joy and excitement she displayed while playing in the waves is a testament to her newfound happiness and love for life. It’s unclear how much human contact she had in the shelter, but it’s evident that Sequoia is now thriving in her new home.

Sequoia has also formed a strong bond with Alyssa’s fiancé, eagerly waiting for him on her favorite spot on the couch whenever he leaves the house. It’s hard to imagine that this sweet dog had ever experienced the hardships she faced before being rescued.


For Alyssa, Sequoia’s arrival was a healing experience. She had lost her previous dog, her first as an adult, just a year before adopting Sequoia. At first, she was hesitant to open her heart to another pet, but Sequoia proved to be the perfect companion, helping her heal and move forward.

Alyssa believes that Sequoia was sent to her by her previous dog, as their adoption occurred almost a year to the day after his passing. Sequoia’s incredible journey is a reminder that all dogs deserve the chance to find their happy ending, no matter what! Alyssa believes that Sequoia was sent from the heavens above! And we agree!

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