We’re grateful to cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, which, after a request from PETA, is discontinuing the use of goat hair in its makeup brushes. The brand will phase out the cruelly derived material in favor of high-quality synthetic fibers made without harming animals.

Goats are intelligent and playful individuals who form complex social groups and love to spend time with their families. They scream in pain and fear when workers shear them to steal their hair for brushes or sweaters and are killed once they’re deemed no longer profitable to the industry.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills isn’t the first brand to ditch animal-hair brushes. More than 100 brands have banned badger-hair brushes—including L’Oréal—after learning about PETA Asia’s exposé of China’s badger hair–brush industry

Want to help goats in other ways? Learn about where to find vegan goat cheese, and urge fashion brands to stop using cashmere:

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