Benji, a gentle dog, had been passed around after his owner no longer wanted him. His journey began when his original family used him for breeding and then gave him away to a friend. Thankfully, this friend held on to Benji until they could find a shelter to take him in. That’s when Benji’s path crossed with Katie, who was working with a rescue organization.


The rescue could only accept Benji if they found a foster home for him, and Katie, having recently lost her neurologically disabled dog, decided to step in and help. Despite her initial hesitations, Katie took Benji home, and two months later, she and her partner officially adopted him. Benji quickly adapted to his new life, becoming equal parts couch potato and playful puppy. His gentle nature and love for his people won his new family over.


However, Benji’s allergies are so severe that the vet recommended that he start an elimination diet. And soon Mom and Dad discovered his unusual love for vegetables. Benji’s favorite vegetable is carrots, which he will “sell his soul for.” He also enjoys cucumbers, broccoli, and just about any other produce offered to him.

One of the things that Katie and her partner love most about Benji is his communicative nature. They always know how he’s feeling because he tells them through his actions and expressions. Benji has a strong bond with both of his parents, but Katie admits that he’s a total Daddy’s Boy.


Neighbors and friends in their area are always excited to see Benji, with an elderly woman who tends to the landscaping in their neighborhood regularly bringing him treats and giving him head rubs. However, there are times when people will cross the street or give them dirty looks due to misconceptions about Benji’s breed. Despite these challenges, Katie and her partner love Benji dearly and are proud of how far he has come.

Katie initially felt guilty for moving on so soon after losing her previous dog, but she now realizes that loving Benji doesn’t diminish the love she had for her previous pet. Benji has helped her through one of the darkest times of her life, and she is grateful for the opportunity to provide him with a loving, forever home.

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