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A leash for a puppy is an essential item that new dog parents need to prepare, but there are endless options to choose from. Certain leashes are ideal for puppies because they’re better for training or stronger against puppy teeth. But even when looking for those specific factors, the options can be overwhelming.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best leashes for puppies. Remember, your pup should have their first two rounds of vaccines before they can walk in public spaces, but you can start teaching them leash manners indoors before then.

Buyer’s Guide: Leash for a Puppy

With so many puppy leashes out there, there’s lots to consider. The following factors all play a role in choosing the best puppy leash.

Type of Leash

A standard leash will work in most cases, but some dog parents might need something specific. For example, you may want a longer-than-normal leash if you’re working on recall training or tying your dog up in the yard. A hands-free leash may be a good option if your puppy already has good leash manners. A waterproof leash is ideal for outdoor adventures, and bungee leashes help with dogs who like to pull.

So, consider if your puppy would benefit from a certain leash type. Yet, all dog parents should avoid retractable leashes since they pose risks to both humans and pets.


Nylon is the most common leash material because it’s durable, comfortable, and easy to wash. However, some dog parents have other preferences, like leather or rope. Just make sure the material you choose doesn’t irritate your dog.


4 to 6 feet is standard for most dog leashes, so you’ll likely need one of those sizes for your puppy. However, for specific environments or training sessions, you may want to invest in a shorter or longer leash.

Handle Comfort

While your dog’s comfort is important, so is yours. You may be holding onto the leash’s handle for long periods, so make sure it’s comfortable to grip. Leashes with padded handles are typically recommended.


Your dog’s safety is a priority during walks, so look for leashes with secure clips that won’t snap if your dog pulls too hard. Also, consider leashes with reflective stitching and vibrant colors to increase visibility.


Finally, style may not matter as much as these other factors, but it matters to many dog parents. Leashes get a lot of use, so you should find one that you think is visually appealing.

Best Leash Options for a Puppy

Locking, swiveling carabiner withstands 880 pounds of forceTwo padded handles: one on the top and one close to your dogPoop bag holder can clip to D-ringBuilt-in spot to hold used poop bagsComes in two lengths and two colors

Rover is a company known for its dog sitting and dog walking services, but they also sell a variety of pet products, including their Essential Dog Walking Leash. This durable leash is built to last and has two padded handles, one on the top and one closer to your dog. The part that clips to your dog’s harness is a locking, swiveling carabiner that can hold up to 880 pounds of force, making it great for holding back puppies who love to pull. At the top of the leash, it also has a D-ring for a poop bag holder and a spot to hold used poop bags. The leash comes in 4-foot and 6-foot varieties, and you can choose between black or teal. For more information, read our full review article.

Waterproof, odor-resistant PolyFlex materialAdjustable lengthComfortable neoprene handleComes in two sizes and four colors

The Springer Dog Leash is perfect for outdoor adventures with energetic puppies because it’s durable, waterproof, and odor-resistant. The PolyFlex material is easy to wipe clean, allowing the leash to keep looking new even after lots of long walks. If you need to make the leash shorter, such as when walking in a crowded area, you can move the leash clip to adjust the size. With the comfortable neoprene handle, you can easily grip onto the leash no matter what length it’s at. When buying this product, you can choose between a 4-foot or 5-foot leash and four colors.

Made of high-quality nylonIncludes secure metal latchComes in two lengthsComes in three thicknessesHas six color options, including many vibrant ones

The PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash is a classic leash that can work for all puppies and adult dogs. Crafted from high-quality nylon, this leash is designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear of walking even the most enthusiastic dogs. Its secure metal latch attaches to your puppy’s collar or harness to prevent them from escaping. Luckily, this leash is highly customizable because it comes in two lengths, three thicknesses, and six colors. Many of the colors are vibrant to improve visibility on your puppy’s walks.

Made of heavy-duty nylon webbingD-ring for poop bag holdersTwo padded handlesComes in four colors with reflective stitchingEvery purchase benefits rescue dogs

The Max and Neo Nylon Reflective Dog Leash is a sturdy standard leash that can work well for most puppies. It’s made of heavy-duty nylon webbing to help it last long. It has some special features, such as a D-ring for poop bag holders and a second handle to have better control of your dog in crowded areas. Both handles are padded for maximum comfort. It comes in four colors and has reflective stitching to improve your dog’s visibility at night. Plus, many dog parents love this company because of its charitable efforts, such as donating to help rescue dogs with every purchase.

Leash illuminates to improve safetyRecharges instead of using replaceable batteriesHandle is padded and durableComes in two lengthsHas six color options

If you walk your puppy at night, the Illumiseen LED Dog Leash is an excellent choice. This leash illuminates thanks to its integrated LED light system, ensuring that both the dog and handler are easily visible during evening or pre-dawn walks. This is especially beneficial in areas with low lighting or heavy traffic, where visibility can make a significant difference in safety. The leash is constructed with high-quality materials, promising durability and a comfortable grip. The added convenience of being rechargeable means that owners don’t have to constantly replace batteries, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. It comes in two lengths and six colors, so you can choose your preferences.

Shock absorbing designHandle has comfortable gripIncludes D-ring and reflective stitchingComes in two lengthsHas seven color options

The EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash uses a bungee design to provide a buffer against dogs who like to pull. With this type of leash, you’ll experience less strain on your arm from your excited puppy tugging on the leash. Made with high-quality materials, the leash ensures durability while maintaining a soft and comfortable grip. Additionally, the incorporation of reflective stitching enhances visibility during low-light conditions, adding another layer of safety. It also has a D-ring toward the top to carry a poop bag holder, keys, and other items. For customization, it comes in two lengths and seven colors.

Chew proof designMade of an aircraft-grade steel cable coreCoated with a weather-proof nylon materialHas a padded handle for comfortComes in two vibrant colors

It’s no secret that puppies love to chew. So, the Mighty Paw Chew Proof Dog Leash is meant to prevent puppies from gnawing through the material during walks and training. Crafted with a strong, aircraft-grade steel cable core, this leash promises resistance against even the most persistent chewers. The exterior, coated with a weather-proof nylon material, ensures longevity, and the padded handle makes it comfortable for the owner to hold. The design doesn’t compromise on flexibility, ensuring that while it’s tough, it’s also adaptable to the dynamic movements of pets during walks. It comes in both green and orange, both of which are vibrant for maximum visibility.

Made from braided polypropylene ropeWaterproof, durable, and flexibleIncludes solid brass clipComes in two lengths11 color options

Mendota Products Solid Rope Dog Leash is made from a braided polypropylene rope for a mix of durability and flexibility. The material mimics the softness of cotton, ensuring comfort in the handler’s grip, while its strength guarantees resistance against wear and tear. The solid brass snap hook not only provides a secure connection to the dog’s collar or harness but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. Plus, this simple leash comes in two lengths and 11 colors, so every dog parent can find an option that fits their dog’s style.

Thick padded handleMade of sturdy, braided ropeIncludes swivel snap hookHas reflective stripesComes in two colors

The Frisco Rope Leash has one of the most padded handles on the market, making it comfortable to hold for long periods. Built from sturdy, braided rope, the leash is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, whether it’s a stroll in the park or an energetic trek around the city. Its integrated swivel snap hook guarantees a tangle-free experience, allowing your pet the freedom to move without constraints. It comes in two dark colors, both of which have reflective stripes to keep your furry friend safe at night.

Hands-free leash optionHas two handles to control dog when neededLeash part detaches to be used as a normal leashBungee design reduces strain on human and dogHas reflective stitchingComes in three colors

If you have an older puppy that you’ve already worked on a lot of leash training with, the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash could be a great option for you. Specifically engineered for those who love to jog, hike, or simply enjoy a hands-free stroll, this leash integrates a bungee system that absorbs sudden pulls or changes in direction, reducing strain on both the owner and the dog. Wrapping comfortably around the waist, it ensures mobility and freedom, allowing the user to maintain their natural stride without interruption. The leash part has two handles so you can still control your dog when needed, and the leash can detach from the waist section to be used as a normal leash. It comes in three colors, all of which have reflective stitching.

Coated in a waterproof materialHolds 600 to 750 pounds of pull forceSturdy nickel-plated alloy buckleComes in long lengths, ranging from 5 to 50 feetComes in 10 vibrant colors

Puppies are curious creatures, so many of them love to go on outdoor adventures, including running through puddles and swimming in lakes. If you know your puppy is going to get into a messy situation on walks, the Nimble Waterproof Leash is a great choice. It’s made of an environmentally friendly nylon strap that’s coated in a waterproof material. Thus, water and sand don’t really stick to it, making it a great choice for all locations and weather conditions. It can even hold 600 to 750 pounds of pull force. It’s available in five different sizes, ranging from 5 to 50 feet, so it can be great for tying your dog in the yard or on a camping trip. It’s also available in 10 vibrant colors.

Made of high-quality nylonIncludes soft padding on handleHas reflective stitchingComes in three vibrant colorsComes in three sizes

The Blueberry Pet Striped Reflective Dog Leash uses vibrant colors and reflective stitching to keep puppies visible on walks. Many puppies haven’t mastered their leash-walking skills yet, so visibility is the key to keeping them safe. Constructed using high-quality nylon fabric, the leash promises durability, able to withstand the daily rigors of pet use. The comfort of the handler hasn’t been overlooked either, with a soft grip ensuring ease of use no matter the walk duration. With this leash, you can choose between three sizes and three color patterns to find one that fits your precious puppy’s behavior and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long of a Leash Should a Puppy Have?

For general walking and basic training, a puppy should have a leash that is 4-6 feet in length. This length offers a good balance between control and freedom, allowing the puppy to explore while ensuring the owner maintains command. Longer leashes, ranging from 10-30 feet, can be reserved for specific recall training in open spaces but are not ideal for daily walks.

How Old Should a Puppy Be for Leash Training?

Leash training a puppy can begin as early as 7-8 weeks old, but 10 weeks old is ideal. Starting at this young age allows the puppy to become accustomed to the leash in a controlled environment indoors before introducing them to more challenging outdoor settings.

Is a Retractable Leash Okay for Puppies?

No, you should not use a retractable leash for puppies. These leashes pose a danger to humans and dogs due to their risk of tripping others, tangling, or snapping. Plus, they make it difficult to control your dog, which makes leash training harder. Most dog trainers advise against using retractable leashes, even with trained adult dogs.

Do Puppies Need Harnesses?

Harnesses can be beneficial for puppies as they distribute pressure across the chest and back, rather than the neck, reducing the risk of injury. For puppies prone to pulling or those with delicate necks, such as certain toy breeds, a harness is often recommended. However, a harness shouldn’t replace basic leash training.

When are Puppies Old Enough to Go For Walks Outside?

Your vet may say it’s okay to take short walks near your house after your puppy’s first round of vaccinations at 8 weeks old. However, you should wait until after your puppy has their second round of vaccinations at around 12 weeks old before taking them for long walks or to public places. If you take them near other people and dogs too early, there’s a higher risk of them contracting diseases.

Why Do Puppies Bite Leashes?

Puppies often bite leashes due to their natural teething and chewing instincts, especially during their teething phase. Additionally, the leash may seem exciting and enticing during early training sessions, causing distracted puppies to want to play with it. Over time, with consistent training and redirection, this behavior usually decreases.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Pulling on a Leash?

To stop a puppy from pulling, introduce leash training in a distraction-free environment and reward calm, non-pulling behaviors with treats and praise. Using tools like a front-clip harness can also help redirect and control a pulling puppy. Consistency in training and positive reinforcement are key to establishing good leash manners.

Final Thoughts

If you’re adding a new puppy to the family, finding the best leash for a puppy is crucial. Any of the leashes in this article work well for young dogs, but you should consider your dog’s individual behaviors when deciding which one is best for them. Then, make sure you pair that quality leash with training. As long as you’re patient and consistent with your puppy, they should pick up on leash walking in no time.

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