Many people are too afraid to ride a horse bareback. An Australian Shepherd named Robin Hood (Robin for short) certainly isn’t, and he’s at his happiest when riding atop his best friend, a horse named Teddy.

The 3-year-old Aussie met the Andalusian horse when he was just a puppy and she was, well, horse-sized. Theirs was a very fast, and very sweet friendship.


According to Emily Sebryk, Teddy and Robin’s mom, they both act a little like each other. Apparently, it took Robin a few months of growth to realize he might not actually be a horse himself.

To this day, these two creatures of different species are attached at the hip, or at least paws to back.


Robin’s Horseback Rides Are No Trick

Sebryk told The Dodo Robin decided to climb up on the horse completely on his own. This isn’t a trick he was taught or anything (dare I say… it’s no “dog and pony show.”)

“The first time Robin jumped on Teddy, everybody thought it was some grand trick, when in reality I just put Teddy in the middle of the arena and Robin just ran up there and jumped on her back. I’ve not been able to keep him off ever since.”


Even though Robin can’t quite keep up, he likes to run alongside his horse pal in the field and chase her. That is, when he’s not riding atop his much larger companion.

“To Teddy, Robin is just like her little sidekick, and to Robin, Teddy is his whole world.”

A Family That Rides Together Stays Together

As Sebryk regularly rides and exercises Teddy, Robin will often wait for his “turn” to ride too. He especially likes the cozy warmth of the horse’s back in the winter.

“When I ride Teddy, at the end, when I’m done, it’s his turn. That’s like his reward. I think when he’s up there after the workout, it’s really warm.”


Often Sebryk and Robin will both sit atop Teddy’s back, but the dog’s mom notes how capable Robin is of keeping up when she’s riding solo. Whereas Sebryk’s older dog Truly usually trailed far behind, Robin maintains the pace.

“I remember the first time I took Robin on a trail ride. With Truly, my senior dog, I always had to stop and wait for her to come. And the first time I took Robin for a gallop, I stopped and turned around to wait, because it’s been 11 years of waiting, and he was right there beside me.”

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