You know when you don’t want to go somewhere but when you do,  you end up having a good time.  Well, that was me this afternoon.

I was not intending to go out as I had mentally set the time aside to make a sheep but a friend asked me if I was going to the “Waas teas”. I started by saying I wasn’t but then felt I should go out more and I could possibly get a few broadband request forms completed too.

A Festival of Trees, with craft stalls and possibly the best tea at our local hall.

My friends and I looked at the trees first, which were excellent – very innovative.  A huge variety and I haven’t taken photos of half of them.

A tree of playing cards.

This is by the local care home – Wastview.  Inspirational.

Sea glass

Beer bottle tops

Loo roll

(possibly my favourite).

The craft fair was fun and varied too and there was also a Santa’s Grotto with Santa (or Santie as they call him here or Father Christmas as we call him at home) who was not scary. In our day (when my girls were small) one wore a creepy old men masks which was utterly terrifying. No one would go near him which sort of defeated the object.

And then tea and oh, what a tea.  There were vast trays of sandwiches and cake and we just helped ourselves and sat down with friends and chatted.

I feel a bit full now.

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