Let’s face it. Cameras are a part of our lives. However, there are many instances where they can capture memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come. Meet Doc the sheepdog, this is his story!

A little sheep herding went horribly wrong! On one particular morning, this proud and go-getter of a sheepdog wakes up home alone, but that’s no issue… because, he knows exactly what to do. Doc decided to waste no time getting to work and doing (what he thinks) needs to be done…


Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video



Border Collie pup Doc is a 14-month-old Dandridge, TN resident who works and lives on a cattle and sheep farm. He got away one morning and immediately went to work. He led the sheep out of their field, around the home, and up onto the porch.


Image/Story Source Credit: ViralHog via YouTube Video


He was simply carrying out his responsibilities despite no one being there. He was only loose for a few minutes before someone came home and secured him again. There was minor damage to a candle and a wooden chair on the porch as a result of his liberty.


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