Hannah could never have imagined encountering a dog in such terrible condition. Ozzy, the emaciated Beagle, was in dire need of help. With every bone in his body visible and lack of fur, Ozzy’s infected, red, and itchy skin made each step he took seem excruciatingly painful. It appeared as though he had been tethered and neglected for many years.


When Hannah brought Ozzy home, he seemed almost lifeless, with no energy and a palpable sense of fear. All he wanted to do was sleep. Hannah wasn’t sure if he would be able to pull through. Their walks were brief, lasting only a minute or two, as Ozzy didn’t have the strength to stand for extended periods. To help him enjoy the outdoors, Hannah found a solution in the form of a doggie stroller, which Ozzy loved.


On the third day, Hannah noticed a significant change in Ozzy’s eyes – they seemed brighter and filled with hope. Around this time, Ozzy also began to show interest in toys and wag his tail for the first time. At the one-week mark, Hannah saw a remarkable improvement in his energy level. Even though Ozzy was an older dog, he reverted to his puppy ways once he regained his strength.


Craving attention non-stop, Ozzy’s favorite spot was snuggled between Hannah and the back of the couch. For Ozzy, there was no such thing as too much human contact. He needed constant reassurance that he was in a safe and loving environment. Witnessing the impact she had on Ozzy was life-changing for Hannah as well.

Ozzy’s journey from a neglected and emaciated dog to a cherished member of Hannah’s household is remarkable. Dogs like Ozzy need us. Please consider fostering a pet. You can make a world of difference!

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