When Jess and her family decided to rescue a dog, they never expected their decision would bring so much joy and happiness to their lives. Living in Perth, Western Australia, Jess and her five-year-old daughter were looking for a companion to join their family. After learning about the plight of retired racing Greyhounds, they decided to adopt one of these dogs in need.


Racing Greyhounds in Australia are considered livestock rather than pets, meaning they often live in cages and are subjected to harsh conditions. When a Greyhound’s racing career is over, usually around three years old, they are often discarded to make room for younger, more profitable dogs. This leaves hundreds of Greyhounds without homes.


Enter Georgia, a retired Greyhound who was completely shut down when she first arrived at her new home. She was terrified of everyday household noises like the TV and kitchen appliances. But with patience and love, Jess’s daughter helped Georgia come out of her shell. Her new sister would spend hours reading to Georgia. The little girl’s calming voice worked wonders in soothing Georgia’s soul. Eventually, they formed an inseparable bond through their love of literature.


Two years later, Georgia has transformed into a loving, playful companion. Her first trip to the beach was a heart-stopping experience for Jess, as she watched Georgia run free for the first time. Seeing her run on her own terms brought tears to her eyes and filled her heart with joy.

Georgia has discovered a love for toys, children, and even singing along to her sister’s piano practice. She has become a beloved member of the family, overcoming her separation anxiety and learning that she will always have a home with them. Although she still has some triggers, such as trains and skateboards that sound similarly to the lure on the track, Georgia is slowly desensitizing to these things.


Jess’s daughter has become Georgia’s favorite person. They go to school pickups and drop-offs together, and Georgia is always by her side. The love and closeness between them is beautifully inspiring. Racing Greyhounds in Australia continue to face challenges, with the sport growing despite the ethical issues surrounding it. Jess’s daughter has taken it upon herself to raise awareness for these dogs, spending her weekends at markets and talking to people about the benefits of adopting Greyhounds as pets.


This heartwarming tale of Georgia’s journey from a caged racing dog to a beloved family member highlights the importance of rescue and the potential for these dogs to thrive in loving homes. With more awareness and support, we can help give retired Greyhounds the chance to run free and find their forever homes.

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