I’m not gonna lie, I love a craft fair, I do.

And anyone who knows me, will know I also enjoy selling.

But….. I have a standard. I only sell what I believe in so, imagine my suprise when I discovered our new tenant (at Finnigert) was a very skilled woodworker and, like all artists, does not enjoy selling his creations.  Obviously, I offered my selling skills to his wife and off we set this morning to grab a late cancellation table at a Craft Fair in Lerwick.

The Fair took a while to warm up, but folk eventually arrived.

And, yes, every child that walked past, I quoted my best Harry Potter Leviosa spell – ‘It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!’  One enchanting girl grinned from ear to ear when I said that!

It was easy – such gorgeous pieces.

They sold themselves.

There were obviously other tables and I had a peruse.  I need someone to knit me the fingerless gloves on the right! I could possibly obtain the pattern (I have fat hands, so you know).


I may have, at a previous Craft Fair, bought my weight in these chocolates – stocking presents, you understand.  The lady gave me a freebie, as I think she felt sorry for me as none of it was for me!

And I bought these for the tree – ideal as they are enclosed and a small dog/cat/other dog can’t eat them.  We are all hopeful for a Christmas tree this year as we  haven’t had one in two years.  Strategically placed Hygge branches are not going to cut it this year.

And home, via the local shop, to buy Frazzles, a bottle of whisky and a big bar of chocolate (the last two of which I will share with OH).  I am knackered from smiling and being nice, though it wasn’t difficult as the pieces I was selling were high craftmanship and I don’t say that lightly.

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