When Iris, a shy and scared Pit Bull, first arrived at her foster home, she would sit behind a planter in the back corner of the yard, hesitant to come inside. Her foster mom, Lauryn, determined to make Iris feel comfortable and loved, tried various ways to encourage her to go into the house. Iris would poke her head in and then walk away, doing this 15 times before retreating once again. This routine went on for an entire month before Iris finally stepped over the threshold.


To help Iris feel more at ease, Lauryn started covering the basement floor with blankets, creating a safe and cozy space for her. Iris slowly learned that she could lie on the blankets and feel comfortable. Her foster mom would also hide treats in the blankets, making the basement floor an even more appealing spot for Iris.

Feeding time was another challenge. Iris would only eat if Lauryn brought her food to wherever she was hiding. Over time, Iris became more trusting and enjoyed being petted and hugged. She would look at Lauryn with confusion but appreciation as if to say, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I like it.”


The introduction of Lauryn’s other dog, Max, proved to be a turning point for Iris. Initially, the two dogs would just sit at a distance from each other, not engaging in any interaction. However, over time, they began to interact, and Iris started to make remarkable progress. She suddenly began exhibiting playful behaviors, such as barking and play bows, much to Lauryn’s surprise and delight.


It was time to find Iris her forever home. Lauryn looked for a family with a dog to help Iris continue with her progress. Lauryn found the perfect family who had a dog named Clio. Clio proved to be a great influence on Iris. The dogs formed a strong bond, with Iris always wanting to be near Clio.

Iris’s transformative journey from a fearful, timid dog to a well-adjusted family member proves that with patience and love, anything is possible! Lauryn feels incredibly lucky that she was able to rehabilitate Iris and that the deserving Pit Bull was able to find her happily ever after!

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