Filmmaker Jon Mancinetti and his loyal dog, Smokey, embarked on an ‘epic road trip’ across America with a mission: to visit shelters in every city and showcase local dogs in need of adoption. Their journey led them to a shelter in Memphis, where they encountered a sweet dog named Mosey, who was scheduled to be euthanized that day. Upon meeting Mosey, Jon immediately fell in love with the affectionate and lovable dog. Despite his sickly appearance, Jon recognized the potential for a beautiful dog beneath Mosey’s malnourished exterior.


Knowing that Mosey’s appearance might deter potential adopters, Jon decided to foster Mosey himself, bringing him along on the remainder of the road trip. As Mosey joined Jon and Smokey on their tour, the trio visited seven cities together. Mosey quickly became a favorite among the people they met, receiving tons of hugs and kisses. Over time, Mosey’s coat began to fill out, and within a week or two, he transformed into a completely different dog.


When it came time to find Mosey a forever home, Jon was very selective. He eventually connected with a loving family who had previous experience with Pit Bulls. As they prepared for Mosey’s arrival, the family eagerly anticipated the new life awaiting their newest furry member.


Once they arrived at Mosey’s new home, Jon was greeted with a “Welcome Home Mosey” sign on the fireplace and a massive yard for Mosey to play in. The family’s young girls immediately embraced Mosey, showering him with love and affection. After spending hours with the family to ensure Mosey’s smooth transition, Jon tearfully said his goodbyes and left Mosey in the loving hands of his new family.


Though Jon’s time with Mosey was brief, the experience taught him the importance of fostering and inspired him to continue saving as many dogs as possible. Jon’s journey with Smokey and Mosey serves as a heartwarming reminder of the impact one person can have on the lives of shelter animals.

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