Today was the last day I was prepared to drag my Christmas-shopping sledge into town.

I left straight after doing the ponies, sheep, ducks/hens, horses, Ted’s eye ointment…… determined to get in early to avoid the crowds.

I popped into Jamieson’s Knitwear on the Street to find my field was a bit sparse, so I added two more “curlies” and arranged the display a bit more evenly in colour.


A quick look of admiration for the full range of wool colours on the wall.

And then on down Commercial Street to look at Christmas windows and pick up my last minute presents.

Jamieson’s window

The Opticians – (I love this eye chart).

The Shetland Soap Company Christmas tree made from sheets of The Shetland Times – inspirational.

But I needn’t have worried about avoiding the crowds……  Although the car parks were all pretty full, there was barely a soul around.  I can only think they are revving up for Late Night Shopping.

Meanwhile, me and my trusty sledge went to Tescos where I discovered somewhere along my travels I had a) lost my shopping list and b) forgotten my shopping bags.  So I resorted to buying everything I could think of including all the ingredients for Mojitos and Nachos and just loading it all into the back of the car in a hopeful fashion.

I even bought the fresh mint!  I am having a slight panic as the boats are being cancelled due to daily bad weather forecasts.

And so, after my last stop of paying the feed bill and buying dog chews to entertain Pepper and Ted through Christmas so they will leave the tree alone, I drove home.

When I got back, I had to feed the ducks before they took themselves to bed and OH kindly unloaded the car but he missed someone and the bag of dog chews.  She hadn’t even touched them!

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