In the early hours of the morning, a stray dog appeared at the front of a house, rummaging through a couple’s trash cans searching for food and water. The dog then fearfully took off running into the brush on the other side of the street. The homeowners, realizing the dog was in need, began to leave food and water out for him. However, the dog was initially frightened by their presence and would run away whenever they approached. Determined to gain the dog’s trust, the homeowners continued their efforts to help the stray.


With a tropical storm approaching, the homeowners, Sydney and Matt, knew they needed to get the dog to safety. They set up a shelter with blankets and sheets that smelled like them, hoping the dog would become accustomed to their scent. As the sun went down Matt would sit outside and watch the dog, trying to show him that he was the one providing food and water. After about two weeks of this routine and leaving trails of hot dogs leading up to Matt, the dog finally allowed him to pet him, signaling that trust had been established.


That same night, the dog followed Matt into the backyard and began to show a sense of relief. He transformed into a playful puppy, no longer afraid of Matt or the other dog in the house, Luke. Despite their bond, Sydney and Matt were unable to keep the dog for various reasons, so they made the difficult decision to find him a loving home.

One of their neighbors, Courtney, who had seen the story, reached out and expressed interest in adopting the dog. After discussing it with her husband, they decided to take him in. On Christmas Day, Matt and Sydney brought the dog, now named Bishop, to his new forever home.


Bishop immediately took to his new family, showing no signs of anxiety. The children were overjoyed with their new furry friend, and it was clear that Bishop had found his forever home. After five months, Matt and Sydney visited Bishop and his new family, witnessing firsthand the incredible transformation that had taken place.

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