Our story highlights the journey of Bo, a dog heartlessly abandoned by his previous owners, left alone in a doghouse. Discovered by the Street Dog Rescue in Oklahoma, Bo was in dire need of medical attention due to various health issues. He had been neglected, left in the doghouse, and even survived a coyote attack, as Faith, a rescuer, revealed to The Dodo. Bo suffered from mange and hadn’t received any veterinary care.

When given food by the rescuers, it was apparent Bo hadn’t eaten for days. Faith recognized his yearning for affection in his interactions with them.

Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


However, Bo retreated into his doghouse, showing reluctance to leave. Realizing the situation, the rescuers knew they had to gently coax him out. Extracting Bo from beneath the house was challenging and took about 45 minutes. Faith recounted that they eventually succeeded, and Bo was taken into the care of Pyr Paws and Fluffy Tails Rescue. During his recovery, Bo received treatment at a veterinary clinic in Oklahoma, addressing his mange and helping him regain weight. When Patricia, his future owner, first saw Bo’s photo, she was taken aback by his condition, hardly believing he was a dog.

Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Over time, Bo’s health significantly improved. Within a few months, he transformed into a much healthier dog. The rescuers, understanding Bo’s need for a loving home, felt Patricia was well-suited for him, given her experience with rescue dogs.

Adapting to his new home wasn’t immediate for Bo. Patricia mentioned it took around six months for him to fully settle in and understand it was his home. Gradually, Bo blossomed into an extremely happy dog, enjoying exploring his new environment. Patricia expressed her love for Bo, glad to have him in her life.

Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Bo’s story is one of resilience and new beginnings. Initially wary of new people due to his past abandonment, Patricia’s care and affection assured him of safety and love in his new home.

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