It’s no secret that our beloved dogs are the descendants of wolves. But with their friendly, cuddly behavior, and close companionship, we can forget that they’re not so distant from wild animals.

So when a woman named Lucy adamantly claimed that her Husky, named Storm, actually preferred eating a variety of vegetables over a bowl filled with meat, hosts of British talk show “This Morning” decided to put it to the test. 


It was right after a heat wave had hit her area, and her Husky, Storm, was feeling particularly picky, so she decided to switch-up her diet. Lucy’s neighbor, Ben, had recently transitioned his dog from a meat-based to a veggie based diet. He suggested that she may want to try doing the same. 

So, despite not being a vegetarian herself, Lucy started serving Storm a dog food made without meat, and was adding in her family’s leftover veggies as well.

“During the summer months she went off her food, strangely. She seemed to perk up, be a lot happier. She really took to it,” Lucy explained.


Lucy wasn’t the only person who was interviewed during the segment that morning. Veterinarian Scott Miller joined Lucy on the couch, and was asked all about his thoughts regarding a dog being fed a vegetable based diet. 

When interviewed, he said that he respected people who opted to eat a vegetable based diet. But he was keen to remind viewers that not only are dogs omnivores (and that they thrive when fed both meat and vegetables), but that our pets aren’t actually able to make that choice for themselves. 

“It’s a choice… our pets can’t make that choice,” said the vet.

It’s up to us as their caretakers to make an incredibly informed decision, and to make sure that their diet includes all the nutrients they need. 

The Moment Of Truth 

After Lucy explained that she truly believed Storm preferred eating vegetables over meat, show hosts wanted to put it to the test. So they brought out two dog bowls filled to the brim with food. One was filled with vegetables and the other was piled high with meat. 

Much to her owner’s embarrassment, the hungry Husky made a mad dash for the bowl filled with meat. Storm dove-in with gusto, as his mom sat there shocked. 


As you can imagine, viewers had a strong reaction to the seven-minute segment. Comments almost immediately started flooding in, and plenty of people felt inclined to share their thoughts. Reactions ranged from jokes to jabs, with some people calling Lucy’s feeding choice “animal cruelty.”  

You can check-out the viral clip below.

Featured Image: Youtube 

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