When the police raided a house for drugs and guns, they discovered a room full of dogs. Among them was a dog named Karma, whose picture and story caught the attention of a woman named Christina. Having been in a severe car accident herself, Christina felt a strong connection to Karma and believed that they could help each other heal. Christina’s first encounter with Karma was nothing short of heartwarming. The moment they met and Christina introduced the dog to her son Miguel, Karma jumped up on the couch, showering everyone with kisses and affection.


Despite Miguel’s initial fears of being bitten due to Karma’s traumatic past, Miguel quickly realized that this dog was not a threat. As they cuddled together, Miguel woke up one morning with Karma nestled under his arm, proving that Karma was more of a caretaker than a danger to her new foster family.

The family anxiously awaited approval for Karma’s adoption, hoping that they would be able to provide the love and support she needed. They worried about the possibility of having to give her back if they couldn’t meet her needs, especially since their children had already grown attached to her.


At first, Karma was terrified of new experiences, like the snow. However, she soon began to embrace her new life, running into the snow and creating her own adventures. As Karma continued to shower Christina and Miguel with affection, the bond between them grew even stronger. It became clear that Karma was not just a pet but an integral part of the family unit.

Karma’s presence was felt by everyone in the family, as she would eagerly greet Miguel when he came home from school. The love and devotion she showed her human sibling was undeniable. They soon welcomed baby Peyton and Karma was instantly smitten. When Christina’s baby would cry in the middle of the night, Karma would wake up and accompany her to the baby’s room, showcasing her protective nature.


The family’s experience with Karma debunked the myth that certain dog breeds, like Pit Bulls, are inherently aggressive. They learned firsthand that with proper training and love, these dogs can become some of the most loyal and gentle companions.

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