Animal rescuer Lisa received a call from a friend about two dogs, Baby and Rosie, who had recently lost their dad to pancreatic cancer. Lisa’s friend knew the owner personally and promised him, on his deathbed, that she would find a home for the two dogs to stay together. Once he passed away, the friend reached out to Lisa, hoping she’d take the dogs in and keep them until she could find a foster home. Lisa runs her own rescue called Frankie, Lola & Friends Rescue. She works tirelessly to help out as many pups as she can. Lisa took it upon herself to help Baby and Rosie. She decided to give them a perfect dog day to show them they were not alone and were still loved despite their tragic loss.


Lisa initially expected the two older dogs to be couch potatoes, but was pleasantly surprised to meet them and see they’re both energetic and adventurous. Rosie, the older of the two, turned out to be quite the firecracker. The dogs’ day out began with a trip to the doggy spa, where each dog was treated to a luxurious bath. Baby, the younger dog, was so concerned about her big sister during the process that she continually jumped up to check on her. And when it was Baby’s turn, Rosie did the same thing. Their bond is absolutely beautiful!

The next stop on their perfect dog day was a visit to a dog-friendly café, where Baby and Rosie enjoyed a tasty “puppuccino.” Lisa was smitten with the two dogs after spending the day with them and witnessing their magical relationship. Understanding the urgency of finding a permanent home for Baby and Rosie, Lisa managed to secure a temporary foster home for the two dogs.


However, the foster home could only accommodate them for a few weeks, so the search for a forever home continued. With the holiday season approaching, Lisa knew that Baby and Rosie needed a Christmas miracle. Despite the heartbreak of losing their owner, Baby and Rosie still had so much love to give. Lisa was determined to find them a loving home where they could stay together, as it was promised to their late owner.

Update: Baby and Rosie found their forever home! The two will remain together just as their dad wanted. We are beyond grateful for Baby and Rosie’s happily ever after!

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