When Olivia first began volunteering at her local SPCA in Southwest Michigan, she had no idea that she would soon fall in love with a dog named Otis. From the moment she laid eyes on him, she knew there was something special about this unique-looking canine. Otis had a difficult past. He was surrendered to the shelter after his family’s house caught fire and they could no longer care for him. Despite his hardships, Otis remained gentle, sweet, and well-behaved. He was the easiest dog to walk, and it was clear that he had a lot of love to give.


As Olivia continued to volunteer at the shelter, she became more and more attached to Otis. She would walk him every day and noticed his separation anxiety whenever she would leave. Otis would whine and eagerly await her return, his happiness evident when he saw her approaching his cage.

The bond between Olivia and Otis grew stronger with each passing day. There were nights when Olivia was at home, and she would cry, thinking about Otis alone in his cage. The SPCA of Southwest Michigan has a great program to ensure the happiness of their dogs, but Olivia knew that Otis needed a loving home to truly thrive.


Otis’ joyful spirit was contagious. When he was outside, he would get the “zoomies” and play with boundless energy. Olivia felt a sense of fulfillment knowing that she was making Otis happy by taking him out and allowing him to enjoy the simple pleasures of a normal dog’s life.

Word of Otis’ sweet demeanor spread among Olivia’s family and friends and they came to visit him. Everyone who met him fell in love with him, and her mom even affectionately called him a “sweet potato.” Otis’ personality continued to blossom as he became more comfortable with those around him.


One day, a family showed interest in adopting Otis. While Olivia was thrilled at the prospect of him finding a forever home, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness at the thought of losing her beloved friend. However, the family soon realized that they couldn’t have Otis where they were living, and he was returned to his kennel.

Despite her busy schedule, Olivia made it a point to visit Otis as often as possible. She even planned to adopt him herself once she moved to a new place in June if he was adopted beforehand. Did Otis end up with Olivia or did he find his forever home before that? Play the video below to find out.

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