We were quite excited to see a smidge of blue skies this morning.  The six day gale had finally blown itself out.

It’s been tough on everyone.  They all deserved a good rest.

And today was the day Floss went back home so I did the airport run down to Sumburgh.  Again, another “busy” day and her flight was only delayed by 3 3/4 hours.  Poor thing. I had to leave her there as a) her meal voucher was only usable at the cafe on the other side in departures, and b) I was dropping off a chair at the upholsterer and wanted to find her house in daylight as I had never been there before.

I drove off to Ireland, Bigton and when I got out of the Eggbox, my jaw dropped at the view.  Wow. Just wow.

I was looking south over the St Ninian’s tombolo – the largest active tombolo in the UK.  It was mesmerising.

After giving the chair to the upholsterer, I drove over to the look at St Ninian’s tombolo.

I remembered riding Haakon along this sandy stretch at a flat gallop in a race. It was magical and many years ago after working for NRK on their tv programme Himmelblå.

This is the episode and our kitchen is featured (yellow walls at 23.28) and the horses were at the end (36;09).  I was off-shot riding Haakon ready to grab anyone who went past too fast or out of control.

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