Midge, a lovable Pit Bull, had one purpose: to please her owners regardless of her well-being. She spent most of her days tied to a chain, having litter after litter of puppies. When her owners no longer found her useful, they heartlessly abandoned her on the side of the road. Fortunately, Midge’s story doesn’t end there. Midge was picked up and brought to the Humane Society, where she was given a second chance at life. Her journey towards happiness began when she was spotted on the website of Albert’s Dog Lounge Rescue. The woman who saw Midge’s picture instantly fell in love with her and decided to rescue the senior dog.


Upon meeting Midge, her new mom was overjoyed with the immediate connection they shared. Midge wiggled her way into her mom’s heart, excited to be in a loving home. Midge’s new home came with a fenced-in yard, allowing her to explore and enjoy her newfound freedom.

For the first few weeks, Midge was crate trained at night. However, it didn’t take long for her to end up in her owner’s bed. Midge had never experienced regular exercise before, so her mom made sure to take her on leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Midge loved to sniff and explore her surroundings, taking her time to enjoy every moment.


Midge’s sweet and loving nature won over everyone she met. Her new family noticed that she had a special affinity for music. Midge would sit and listen attentively as her owner’s husband played the guitar. Midge also became a favorite at the vet’s office, where everyone came out to greet her whenever she visited. When Midge underwent heartworm treatment, the staff chose to keep her behind the counter with them instead of leaving her in a cage, just so they could spend more time with her.

Midge appreciates any attention and affection she receives from her loving family. With some additional training, her mom hopes to register Midge as a therapy dog. Midge’s gentle and friendly nature would make her a perfect fit for visiting nursing homes and hospitals, bringing joy to those who need it most.


Midge’s past has made her protective of her belongings, likely due to a lack of regular meals and toys. To ease her anxiety, her family puts away all toys when other dogs visit. Midge has no problem showing her affection and gratitude towards her owner, often giving kisses and cuddles.

Midge’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the resilience and love that can be found in rescue dogs. Despite her difficult past, Midge has a “cup half full” attitude, embracing her new life with open paws. Rain or shine, Midge finds joy in every moment and continues to bring happiness to her forever family.

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