We love all dogs here at IHeartDogs… from pups all the way through senior dogs. They touch our hearts no matter what our age. Well, you’re about to meet a dog that they called the “grumpy old man“. He will touch your heart and make you SMILE! Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end below.

Image/Story Source Credit: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube Video


A guy went to the shelter to look at a dog, but the line was long and people were waiting with adoption applications. A tiny dog with no one waiting to apply was next to him. Nobody wanted the grumpy, old man, so nobody wanted him. But this individual decided to treat him like a king!


Image/Story Source Credit: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube Video

After that, he brought home Rocky and discovered the dog was a little misunderstood. The dog had just gotten his teeth pulled but still had a lot of life left in him! He’s otherwise very healthy and has his distinct personality that Dad wouldn’t change for the world. See below for Rocky’s tale!

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