Buddy was a stray dog who was living outside a building. He was extremely shy and hesitant to approach people. However, a man who worked there decided to take a chance on the pup. He brought him home to his wife Tracey and their son Noah. They gave him a long bath and took him to the vet the following day to check if he had a microchip. When they found out that he wasn’t chipped and had no owner, they decided to take him in. For the first couple of weeks, Buddy stayed mostly in his crate and the family had to go to him for interactions. Their other dog was not fond of Buddy initially, which made things even more challenging. However, there was one person in the family whom Buddy began to open up to – their son, Noah.


Over the next several weeks, Noah and Buddy spent time together, and their relationship started to evolve. As time went on, Buddy’s personality began to change. He became more open and loving, especially towards Noah. Tracey describes Buddy and Noah as two peas in a pod.


As Buddy began to feel more comfortable in his new home, the other dog in the family started to realize that Buddy was not just a temporary guest but a permanent member of the family. This realization led to the two dogs becoming friends, much to the family’s surprise and delight. It was a heartwarming moment when they saw the two dogs lying next to each other, touching and bonding.

Having another dog in the home changed the entire dynamic for the better. When the family comes home, the dogs excitedly run to the door to greet them. Buddy transformed from a shy, timid stray to a ball of energy who loves attention and affection. He became an essential part of the family, fitting in perfectly like a missing puzzle piece.


Thanks to a kind man with a heart of gold and a loving family, Buddy is living his best life. Buddy’s rescue and second chance will warm your heart and soul. Check out the video below to meet Buddy and see his transformation.

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