When foster mom, Alyssa, first brought Sequoia home, she knew she had a challenge on her hands. Sequoia was unsure of her new surroundings, had no idea how to navigate stairs, and seemed to be completely overstimulated. She was malnourished, and all she wanted to do was sleep. But Alyssa was determined to give this beautiful dog the perfect transition so she could be adopted by a family. During the first day, Alyssa focused on letting Sequoia explore her new foster home and get comfortable in the space. She soon discovered that Sequoia was still very much a puppy despite her size and previous life experiences. It was clear that this dog had never experienced the love and attention she so desperately needed.


On the second day, Alyssa’s best friend came over, and Sequoia immediately cuddled up to her, rolling over and asking for belly rubs. It was at this moment that Alyssa realized Sequoia had the potential to become a loving, affectionate dog. Over the next month, Sequoia began to show interest in toys, and Alyssa started to see the playful side of her. The relationship between Alyssa and Sequoia continued to grow, and it was evident that this once timid and malnourished dog was now flourishing in her foster home.

Alyssa’s partner, Alon, who initially wasn’t keen on having a Pit Bull, quickly changed his mind about the breed after witnessing Sequoia’s transformation. He tried to convince Alyssa to adopt the Pittie. The couple began taking Sequoia on playdates, where she would meet new people and dogs, and her true personality began to shine.


Sequoia’s first big outing to the beach was a turning point for her. She confidently approached a group of girls, laid down in the middle of them, and rolled onto her back, basking in the attention. It was in this moment that Alyssa knew Sequoia had finally found her place in the world.

At home, Sequoia is a completely different dog. She loves to sleep, cuddle, and be close to her family. It was clear that she had officially found her forever home with Alyssa and Alon. Many people are captivated by Sequoia’s beauty, but Alyssa uses these encounters as an opportunity to discuss the responsibility of owning a dog and the importance of not purchasing a pet based solely on its appearance.


Sequoia’s first Thanksgiving with her new family was spent at Alyssa’s mother’s ranch, where she enjoyed playing with the children and indulging in a special turkey dinner. It’s clear that Sequoia is a beloved member of the family and a testament to the power of love and patience in transforming a dog’s life.

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